Inquiry into union collusion

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22/08/2018 by socialistfight

Open letter: Brian Higgins to Len McClusky re Jerry Swain


From :
Date : 21/08/2018 – 13:23 (GMTDT)
To :
Subject : inquiry into union collusion

Dear Mr McLuskey

Your silence speaks volumes!

A year has now passed since you said you were setting up an inquiry into the burning issue of the collusion of fulltime union officers with the blacklist in construction. You also appointed a legal counsel from Doughty Chambers to conduct inquiry on your behalf.

Since then there has not been one announcement or statement from you or the union about this inquiry All there has been is a deafening official silence. Meaning rank and file union members, blacklisted or otherwise, know nothing about what is happening regards inquiry.

There is also the fact not one blacklisted union member has been contacted or interviewed by the legal counsel you appointed to conduct inquiry and neither does any of us know the name of this legal counsel.

What sort of inquiry is it when a year he was appointed the mystery lawyer appointed by you to conduct inquiry hasn’t even started to do this?

In fact this so called inquiry has all the hallmarks of an official cover up of union collusion disguised as an inquiry. And more and more blacklisted union members will feel this is the case until and unless you convince them otherwise by making an official announcement/statement about exactly what stage your inquiry has reached and where you intend to take it from here.

I finish by saying. It is significant that the only thing construction rank and file members know about a matter which is connected directly to the issue of union collusion is that Jerry Swain, who is named in my blacklist file as being responsible for information contained therein,  was promoted to the position of National Unite Construction Officer in spite of senior Unite officials knowing he was/is named in my file. He gets promoted, I and other blacklisted union members get treated with absolute contempt!

Yours sincerely

Brian Higgins

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