Unite and Bus Driver Marcia Carty


04/08/2018 by socialistfight

Metroline-600th-Volvo-hybrid-bus_popupMarcia needs the full support of all bus workers in London. She is being victimised as a black Rastafarian woman whose only crime is to wear her colours.  She has worn them for years, but now she is being prevented from starting work each day with her colours. 

Download this petition and get it filled in by as many of your friends, union members or not, as possible. This clearly contravenes Unite’s Equalities policy and is possibly illegal.  Unite needs to take firm action here.

This is Unite’s equalities policy, as set out by Diana Holland on International Women’s day on 8th March 2018, clearly being contravened by Metroline:

Welcome to Unite equalities

Unite is firmly committed to equality for all, and the members of our union are a strong representation of the diversity within our communities. Equal and fair treatment both at work and in society is a key priority for our union, and we make it clear that we all have a duty to challenge discrimination, harassment, and bullying whenever possible.

Unite acts on behalf of its members and bargains with employers to achieve greater equality within the International Women’s Day 2018 workplace. If you are suffering from discrimination, harassment or bullying at work you should contact your shop steward, representative or regional Unite office. All inquiries are treated as confidential.

By joining Unite today, you too can be part of these campaigns and benefit from the support of Britain and Ireland’s biggest union.

A key objective of the union is:

‘To promote equality and fairness for all, including actively opposing prejudice and discrimination on grounds of gender, ethnic origin, religion, class, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, caring responsibilities; and to pursue equal pay for work of equal value’.

Diana Holland – assistant general secretary

Harish Patel – national officer for equalities

Siobhan Endean – national officer for equalities

Anooshah Farakish – researcher for equalities



The Petition text:

No to discrimination: Defend driver’s right to wear her colours
Marcia, a Metroline driver at the Perivale garage has been told that she is not allowed to wear a head covering in the colours of her. Rastafarian belief (red, gold and green).
We think this is discrimination- in the same way that we would if a Muslim woman driver was told she could not wear a headscarf.
Marcia feels that for her to practice her religion, she needs to wear her colors-we support her in this choice.
Multiculturalism is something to be celebrated, not hidden.
Marcia had to face a grievance meeting with the company, which she sadly lost. It is time for drivers who support her to take a stand.
We call on London Mayor Sadiq Khan to intervene to help Marcia.
Marcia should not be forced to choose between her religious beliefs and her job – that’s discrimination. We support her and call for her immediate return to work.



2 thoughts on “Unite and Bus Driver Marcia Carty

  1. Phillip St ville says:

    So ashame of that kind of nuosenc in the transport units in london ad overseas y is that to much racesem fr nemcommounsenc but yet they want us to mk money fr them wt no respet emough is eemoug


  2. Anar Sajan says:

    I don’t understand why she cannot wear her head scarf with the colours of her religion. She’d been wearing them for years and driving the bus, why now is she being forced to not wear it? Rediculous!


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