Far left party numbers in the UK…

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24/07/2018 by socialistfight

Interesting stuff. How about 2018?

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

This, from here, is intriguing.

And what of the CPB?

Interesting point here in a review of the original book by John Kelly… on a fascinating site.

Some problems do arise when Kelly tries to get to grips with incomplete or contradictory information to discuss aspects of Trotskyist activity. On page 125 an attempt is made to use the number and frequency of European Trotskyist publications to deduce the membership figures of the respective groups. Kelly refers to the ability of the SWP and the SP as well as the AWL (at least an order of magnitude smaller than the largest British groups) to produce weekly newspapers. However, he also notes the WRP (Newsline) group has a daily newspaper despite being much smaller. Clearly this proxy model does not work well and I would suggest that for many Trotskyist groups the paper IS the party and as a group…

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