Labour’s Pro-Israel Totalitarians: Worse than Holocaust-Deniers


03/06/2018 by Ian

This posting, occasioned by the cruel murder of the young Arab paramedic Razan Najjaf, was initially posted to the group ‘We support Jeremy Corbyn’ but the political cowards who run it deleted it pretty much immediately. Says it all really as to why Labour is so muted on Palestinian basic rights.

Razan al-Najjaf, 21 year old Palestinian volunteer paramedic, brutally murdered by Israeli sniper on 1 June

Apparently its ‘anti-Semitic’ to compare Israel to Nazi Germany and say this state has no right to exist. Bullshit. It’s an act of anti-Arab racism to forbid comparing these racist murders to the actions of Nazi Germany.

What those who say this mean is that Jewish life is more important than Arab life. Which is exactly what motivated the foul murder of this woman and many others.



Razan al-Najjaf (right) with her hands up to demonstrate that she was unarmed, just before she was shot in the chest with an explosive bullet by an Israeli sniper while going to the aid of a wounded demonstrator.  Did the Nazis so blatantly murder medical staff? The Labour right, with the concurrence of pro-Corbyn administrators, say that such comparisons are ‘anti-Semitic’. We say that to fail to make such comparisons is racist against the Arab victims of Israel.

The inhabitants of Gaza are mainly people whose families were terrorised and ethnically cleansed from so-called Israel proper in 1947-49. Their homes were stolen 70 years ago; their homeland was occupied then. They are marching and protesting within the open air death camp, Gaza, that they are forcibly confined to.

It is indeed a death camp, Israel has cut off water and electricity to Gaza civilians and the man-made “humanitarian crisis” there is among the worst in the world. Malnutrition is rife, and there are enormous numbers of young people there who are traumatised by Israeli bombings and strafeing of the people there, which has been happening for decades.

As well as the killings of civil rights marchers, 13,000 have been injured, huge numbers shot with dum-dum bullets which are illegal and designed not just to wound, but to cripple, blowing enormous holes in bodies and legs. These are monstrous crimes quite comparable with those of the Nazis, and as far as I am concerned those who try to forbid such comparisons are worse than holocaust deniers. After all, holocaust deniers are in no position to force their views on others, but that is what the totalitarian, pro-Israel and in reality pro-genocide racist wing of the Labour Party are trying to do.

Gaza was occupied 50 years ago, but the homes of many of its inmates were occupied 70 years ago. There is no moral difference between ethnic cleansing 70 years ago and occupation 50 years ago. The two-state solution is a racist lie; all Israel is occupied territory. Indeed logically anyone who supports a two state solution based on the 1967 borders must support the Israeli state against today‘s Gaza protesters, who are challenging their ethnic cleansing in 1947-9, not just the 1967 occupation of Gaza.

One thought on “Labour’s Pro-Israel Totalitarians: Worse than Holocaust-Deniers

  1. Chris Barratt says:

    Well said, Ian. And, how revealing, as you say, that the gutless “left” pro-Corbyn Labour party functionaries still deleted it – out of fear of being accused of “left-wing anti-Semitism”.
    I particularly like Ian’s lines: “These are monstrous crimes quite comparable with those of the Nazis, and as far as I am concerned those who try to forbid such comparisons are worse than holocaust deniers. After all, holocaust deniers are in no position to force their views on others, but that is what the totalitarian, pro-Israel and in reality pro-genocide racist wing of the Labour Party are trying to do.”
    And: “The two-state solution is a racist lie; all Israel is occupied territory. Indeed logically anyone who supports a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders must support the Israeli state against today‘s Gaza protesters, who are challenging their ethnic cleansing in 1947-9, not just the 1967 occupation of Gaza.” (End of quote from Ian)
    So much more has to be said about this: Palestine is one of the greatest front-lines in the revolutionary class struggle today, and the greatest overall since WW2.
    So putting aside for a moment the question that the post above was intended for posting on a pro-Corbyn website, what should the working class be told about Palestine and the world struggle?
    Many areas need talking over; there is a massive need to analyse things out objectively, looking for ways to understand and help the Palestinian struggle to defeat Nazi-Zionism, and for the world revolution to be encouraged to rise against the US Empire and all monopoly-capitalist imperialism.
    The latest EPSR (no 1535, 18 May) had this to say:
    EPSR: “The astonishing self-sacrifices of the unarmed Palestinians heroically storming the Zionist “border” around the besieged hell-hole of the Gaza Strip are teaching the entire world further lessons in the sick depravity of imperialist/Zionist world domination and the ever more barbaric Nazism it is forced into as capitalism’s greatest ever crisis deepens.
    “But the continuing hopelessness and failure of the fake-“left” of all shades still hampers and holds back the struggle for revolutionary consciousness.
    “Their universal pacifist handwringing, “democracy” delusions and limited moral “protests” against the sick Nazi-Zionist massacres on the Gazan border are nothing but ineffectual distractions and diversions from the revolutionary politics needed.
    “The overturn of the whole Jewish-Israeli occupation and the ending of the false “state” of “Israel” is the only way out of this horror, a struggle which needs, and merges with, the whole Middle East struggle and the worldwide fight to defeat and overturn the whole imperialist system.
    The Gazans are teaching the world that whatever the cost, the ever-growing hatred and resistance of the proletarian masses to imperialist exploitation will never stop.
    “Instead of seeing and explaining the great rising tide of anti-imperialist hatred as one interconnected response to the crisis-ridden imperialist system, the “left” limit themselves to hopeless reformist responses, treating the Palestinian cause as yet another single-issue to be “protested”.
    [And, it should be said, 99% of the fake “left” actively support Washington’s “war on terror” by “condemning the terror” of the jihadis and their Islamic and Third World sympathisers – Chris Barratt]
    “But Washington and Donald Trump’s deliberately belligerent chauvinist regime (George W Bush’s New American Century on steroids) is itself underlining the connections.
    “The Zionist intrusion has always been a useful tool for imperialism, (usually) willingly going along with the disproportionate influence and manipulation of the Jewish religious freemasonry within the US and other imperialist countries (to ensure “Israel’s defence” and maintenance is a central part of imperialist world policy) because its smiting and terrorising has helped keep down the entire region for imperialist exploitation and plundering.
    “Now, as the Catastrophic failure of the profit-making system endlessly intensifies, [Zionism] is being made an even more important tool, a spearhead for the escalation of imperialist intimidation and blitzing which the US ruling class decided at least three decades ago, was the only way out of the complete collapse and failure of its system.
    “But that has not gone well in the quagmire of Iraq and Afghanistan, provoking and magnifying hugely the resistance, and again in Libya and Syria after the giant street revolt in Egypt.
    Zionist aggression has become even more crucial.
    “And so the US not only deliberately ignores the vile “turkey shoot” butchery and mass maiming of the desperate Gaza enclave’s unarmed protestors, and the endless concentration camp siege it enforces, but essentially sanctions and cheers on this Nazi killing and violent repression, by its outright support for the reactionary Netanyahu belligerence.
    “Encouragement for ever more crudely depraved war crime smiting and aggression against the Palestinians is the obvious implication of the “recognition” of occupied Jerusalem (occupied even by the “legal standards” of the original UN “gift” of Palestine in 1948) as the supposed “true capital”.
    “But much bigger questions are raised by the latest events and their deliberate egging on by the grotesque Trumpite provocation of moving the US embassy to Zionist-occupied Jerusalem.
    Clearly this tramples across all imperialist pretences of looking for a “fair solution” for the brutally dispossessed Palestinians.
    “It teaches the world yet another lesson in the complete fascist barbaric reality of US imperialism’s supposed “freedom and democracy” and the ever more glaring inversions of its propaganda pretences.
    “But this deliberate contempt for the sensibilities of the entire Arab world and the wider Middle East, particularly Iran, goes far beyond the usual hypocrisy; it is an outright fascist threat, using the Zionist enclave as its weapon.
    “In this it goes hand in hand with the similar collusion and outright “military assistance and advice” for the gruesome barbarities being inflicted on Yemen by the disgusting stoogery of the Saudi feudal “royalty” (next door to the Zionists).
    “Now at least three years into a vile war this has taken non-stop bombing and missile destruction of innocent men, women and children to grotesque levels of inhumanity and quite deliberately is imposing a “humanitarian disaster” (as the bureaucratic UN and NGO language describes such carnage).
    “At the last count in the few reports that Western indifference and media suppression allow through, eight million people were facing outright famine and millions more, hunger and devastation, as civilian terrorising continues.” (End of EPSR extract)
    The point the EPSR is making is that Trump’s closer-and-closer association of US imperialism with the most obviously fascist reactionary barbarities of Zionism and Saudi Arabia are the modern equivalent of the 1930s-40s warmongering drive of Hitler-Mussolini fascism; and, despite appearing damned clever and impressive to Hitler & Co at the start of WW2, with them apparently holding all the best cards in economy, tanks, planes, other advanced weaponry and manpower etc, and gaining adherents with the imperialist Japanese joining in (and the British and American imperialists thinking hard about signing up too) – nevertheless the whole enterprise was DOOMED from the start.
    World history even then was heading away from being run by the self-serving ruling classes, and choked on all the insane fascist warmongering, with the Soviet Red Army, communist resistance, national liberation struggles and the inter-imperialist splits and conflict driving Hitlerism all the way back to a fitting degenerate end in a Berlin bunker.
    So with Trump, Netanyahu and the foul Saudi Arabian feudal-capitalist tyranny.
    Palestinian, Egyptian and Arab national liberation struggle and communist revolution WILL WIN THE DAY, however long it takes. Washington’s turn to outright fascist warmongering will be defeated and meet its own utterly humiliating Downfall.
    As I keep saying, Socialist Fight is taking part in the vital great debate that will see the eventual re-emergence of Leninism as a decisive force and it would be vastly to SF’s credit if there was greater realisation that what can be worked out objectively, and agreed by revolutionary-minded cadres is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than hole-in-the-corner efforts to ginger up that little bit of the “left” of the bourgeois Labour party or support one slightly less putrid “left” in Labour (like Livingstone…the Great Capitulator…don’t your guts heave?) over a slightly more right-wing “left” bit of Labour eg. Corbyn (the Even Greater Capitulator). It is completely deceptive to tell the working class to have any confidence in any of the Labourites, surely, which is what you imply when you say “Support Ken Livingstone” (even in the context of the “left-wing anti-Semitism row”).
    Why not just say what should be said TRUTHFULLY and in Marxist terms, without “supporting” any of the social-democrat, parliamentary charlatans?
    Objective struggle for THEORY will also keep showing that SF would do far better to study Lenin’s works in depth and length, rather than Trotsky’s, since using Trotsky’s views keeps dropping SF cadres into a pit of anti-communist cynicism, in line with the overall Trotskyist tradition of sucking up to bourgeois social democracy and the Cold War and disparaging Lenin and his efforts to battle for proletarian dictatorship and the Soviet Union.
    Ian’s post above has exactly some of the right, direct, confrontational and socialist spirit to tell the world some truth about Zionist barbarism and the “left-wing anti-Semitism” fraud.
    But so much, much, much, much more can be said, using Leninist science, to help the world get to grips with Zionism and imperialism, and end them both.
    Build Leninism. See
    The latest EPSR book – against Zionism and the fraud of “left-wing anti-Semitism” – is now available for £2 and I really look forward to taking up some of its themes with the SF comrades.


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