CPGB Absolves Tories of Racism. From Powell to Windrush

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21/04/2018 by Ian

The article linked to below, from the current Weekly Worker, has to be one of the stupidest articles published on the left in a long time. It once again absolves the British state and the British ruling class of racism. This in the middle of the raging scandal of the Tory Government’s racist persecution of Afro-Caribbeans, a major scandal involving state racism that threatens to blow up Theresa May’s premiership.

These are the liberal idiots who purged Socialist Fight from Labour Against The Witchhunt for criticising and analysing Jewish-Zionist racism in the imperialist countries. They dubbed that Marxist critique ‘anti-Semitic’ and effectively solidarised with the witch-hunters by excluding our comrades from a united left defence campaign.

There is a consistency between their branding their left critics as ‘racist’ for criticising a form of racism that they are soft on and blind to, and their absolving the May government and the British ruling class of racism. It’s a consistency in liberal politics, and crossing the class line. And it takes an incredible blindness to oppression, and an empathy with privileged, not oppressed, minorities.


In line with the truly backward stance of the Weekly Worker against something called “official state anti-racism” Eddie Ford here apparently objects to Edward Heath’s sacking of Powell as a consequence of the racist speech.  Not to sack him would have been an endorsement of the speech and really would have caused race riots. Instead of endorsing the sacking and making all the subsequent points about the exploitation of colonial victims of empire source of racism.

Of course imperialism will never abolish racism and will always find another victim for its constant need to divide the working class. Now it’s Muslims; islamophobia is the racism du jure but anti Caribbean/African Black people is still powerful.  If social pressure forces the government to official oppose all racism that marginalises it in society. Reactionary libertanaranism as displayed here also showed its face in opposition to wearing motor cycle helmets, seat belts, smoking in public places and cars with children, equal pay laws and laws against discrimination against women and LGBTI. And US gun control laws.

Eddie Ford wrote:

“Needless to say, in what is arguably a defining act of official state anti-racism, Powell was immediately sacked as shadow defence spokesman by the Conservative Party’s leader at the time, Edward Heath – who described the speech as “racialist in tone” and, even worse, a clear attempt to seize the leadership of the party.”


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