The Plot Thickens

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04/01/2018 by socialistfight

STOP PRESS: This evening at 22.45pm, first Ian Donovan and then Gerry Downing received the email from Stan Keable that had previously been sent to selected non-SF LAW supporters (see below), inviting them to a meeting at an un-named ‘nearby’ new venue this Saturday 6th Jan at 12pm. Democratic forces on the left should go to the Calthorpe Arms at 11.30am and be prepared for a political fight for democracy.

This was after the same comrade had been emailed by Tony Greenstein and told that the meeting was off, and SF would not be welcome at future LAW meetings.

Evidently the landlord of the Calthorpe Arms, good socialist that he is, feared making excessive profits from drink sales if significantly larger crowds, mobilised by articles in the Independent and the Times of Israel, descended on his pub on a Saturday afternoon.

More grounded, materialistic people might suspect that someone feared they would lose the vote a second time and ‘arranged’ this. They still could. And even if they don’t, this messing with venues and trying to exclude people who voted entirely legitimately on 2 Dec, would tarnish any votes taken.

This is fearful stupidity.

And thus LAW’s misleadership brings the whole thing to the level of farce. How on earth did they think they would get away with this on the left in the internet age?


The Plot Thickens

Tony Greenstein tells us the meeting is cancelled, Stan Keable tells a selected core (containing a Socialist Fight snout, unfortunately for him) that a nearby alternative venue has been found.

From Tony Greenstein:


I’m not going to read this because

a. Life is too short

b. I have a submission to McNicol’s monkeys, who you seem to think I’m in league with to get in shortly.

This is simply to let you know that because of your idiotic and stupid publicity which made out that there would be a 2 groups fighting over 1 space or worse on Saturday, deliberately feeding the bourgeois press and Guido Fawkes, the landlord of the Calthorpe Arms has just rung me up cancelling the meeting.

There will therefore be no meeting on Saturday.  However we will be organising LAW via the Facebook group and the Steering Committee, which will be the organising body of LAW for the moment, want nothing whatever to do with you or your antisemitic group, Socialist Fight.  No doubt you will be able to form a united front with Gilad Atzmon and his holocaust denier friends.

We are only  interested in fighting the witch hunt and having antisemites in LAW weakens that fight.

You are of course welcome to attend any activities such as pickets etc. but you will not be allowed to play any part in members meetings or any other internal functions or events that we organise.

From Stan Keable:

Labour Against the Witchhunt organising meeting, 12 noon to 3pm, Sat Jan 6 – nearby alternative venue

We regret that Calthorpe Arms has cancelled our booking, but the meeting will go ahead in a nearby alternative venue. Please come to Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, at 12 noon, and we will direct you to the nearby alternative venue.

Stan Keable
LAW Secretary
07817 379568

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