Brazil: Military threatening with Coup 2.0 A preventive civil war against workers is underway

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19/10/2017 by socialistfight

From our Brazilian comrade of the Frente Comunista dos Trabalhdores via comrades on Avant Garde Greece.



We hereby translate and reprint an article by our comrades from the Frente Comunista dos Trabalhdores (Brazil) regarding the recent threats for a new coup by the counter-revolution. PK

Several generals at the top of the army publicly began to jointly defend “military intervention” as a way out of the political crisis, and were followed by half a dozen of federal deputies defending militarism and Congressional closure, as well as the Bolsonazis who were already notorious for their fascist program. The military occupation of Rio de Janeiro was extended as a general rehearsal for the second phase of the coup in Brazil.

The counterrevolution is preparing a preventive civil war against the working population so that, through the intensification of state terror, the exploited will not have the time to rise up against the harmful effects of the measures recently approved by the Temer government, such as the labor reform that…

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