Podcast: What is Trotskyism? – Part 3: From the 1933 crushing of the German proletariat to the assassination of Trotsky

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05/08/2017 by Ian

Below is a complete podcast of the third of Socialist Fight’s public class series on Trotskyism, which was held on August 3rd. This covers the period from the victory of the Hitler over the German working class in 1933– the greatest defeat of the working class up to that point in history at least, to Trotsky’s murder by a Stalinist agent in Mexico in 1940. It cover extensively the clarification of Trotsky’s analysis of Stalinism, the abandonment of reform of the Comintern as a perspective in favour of the struggle for the Fourth International;  the deadly and counterrevolutionary consequences of Popular Frontism in France and particularly Spain, the historical significance of the Great Purge Trials in the USSR, and the Shachtman-Burnham fight in the US Trotskyist movement on the eve of WWII and Trotsky’s murder.




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