Greetings to the LCFI conference in Brazil

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30/07/2017 by socialistfight

From Communist Revolutionary Action of Greece
Dear comrades!
We send our warmest greetings to your International Conference.
The number of communists who still remember that “the enemy is within” seems to be steadily declining in the countries of the Western Empire, with many comrades embarking on various quests of searching for the enemy abroad, in various “dictators” or mythical entities such as the Russian or Chinese “imperialism”. At the same time, a lot of comrades in the oppressed countries cannot make a fundamental distinction of who the main enemy is, and for some reason seem to have become incapable of understanding the difference between Allende and Pinochet / Dilma and Temer / a class-collaboration government vs a US-backed, clear-cut bourgeois one.
In this context, we cannot but warmly salute the principled internationalist stance you take in many important international issues, such as the Libyan, Syrian, Ukrainian and Korean issue, and in general your firm opposition to the imperial war drive, whether direct or by proxy. We also wish to commend your position against the coup that ousted the PT government in Brazil last year within the framework of the wider counter-revolutionary offensive against the peoples of Latin America, as the efforts of the Empire to reassert its declining dominance intensify. Although our class camp has suffered some important defeats in various battles in Latin America, we are convinced that the outcome of the war is yet to be decided.
A hundred years since the October Revolution, we feel that issues like the above are central in drawing the class line today – as was the issue of one’s stance towards the war preparations of ‘their own’ bourgeois class back in 1914.
We are also happy to note that our comrades in Britain see the rise of Corbyn for what it actually is, without glossing over it and – especially – without becoming uncritical cheerleaders (as a large part of the Left in Britain seems to have become): a progressive yet not revolutionary development, with certain limits, that provides the water for the revolutionary fish to swim in.
We wish to emphasize on what we consider an important lesson of revolutionary politics, vindicated by the Greek experience of 2010-2015: the revolution does not come through the escalation of spontaneous struggles, nor when a reformist or left-wing social-democrat is pressured from the left. It can arise only on the basis of a conscious plan that is carried out by forces that are fully aware of their purpose. Whenever these forces were weak, no kind of resistance has resulted in a final confrontation with the ruling class and the bourgeois state, regardless of how massive or “class-oriented” it may have been. The element that connects the revolutions from 1789 until today is the existence of conscious political subjects that played a major role in them, while at the same time taking responsibility for the day after.
Regarding the Greek issue, we are sorry to say that our class camp has not yet recovered from the defeat it suffered after the reformist illusions of SYRIZA about win-win solutions crashed on the wall of the global capitalist crisis. Although it is not the primary choice of the bourgeoisie, the SYRIZA-led government gets their job done. The huge, militant demonstrations of 2010-2012 and the massive wave of radicalization belong to the past. The defeat on the streets combined with the bankruptcy of the parliamentary road and the full capitulation of SYRIZA to the diktats of the Greek bourgeoisie, the EU and the IMF has left the biggest part of the proletariat demoralized and in the search of individual solutions, especially in the absence of a credible working class political alternative. The bourgeoisie escalates the assault against workers’ rights, tearing apart what remains of the ‘welfare state’ and making clear that the era of the social contract and of a certain arrangement between classes is gone for good. Without underestimating the battles that need to be fought or abstaining from them, the vanguard and the movement need to understand that the time of social protest and class struggle within the acceptable bounds of the previous period is over. The SYRIZA experience provides further proof that there is no way forward but the intransigent struggle against the bourgeoisie and its state.
As the crisis of capitalism, that is raging with no end in sight, coupled with the explosive escalation of NATO aggression threaten to spark a new world war, the tasks ahead are great and require common action between revolutionaries at an international level. Dear comrades, we send you our militant solidarity for the struggles ahead.
With revolutionary greetings,
Communist Revolutionary Action

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