July’s Must: Posadists, Gerry Downing and New Worker Debate Labour After the Election.

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30/06/2017 by socialistfight

To put in its context here is Ian Donovan’s assessment of these two in 2016 on the Socialist Fight blog:

Andrew Coates and Jim Denham: cynics and delusional Zionist right-wingers. Denham defines anti-Semites as those who do not defend Israel within its 1967 ‘borders’.

He is part of a clique of ex-leftists who hang around the Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL), along with such burnt out cynics and delusional right-wingers like Jim Denham, a confidant of its founder Sean Matgamna, who for a long time has been a drunken, roaring embarrassment, and Andrew Coates. These people are only active online; Osler seems to still have some political activity in the real world. But they are an index of the rotten politics that still infuse the Labour Left; they are actually well to the right of Jeremy Corbyn on questions regarding Israel, imperialist war, and the like and regularly snap to attention when imperialism sends its troops to bomb or invade yet another, usually Muslim country in the name of ‘humanitarian intervention’.




Tendance Coatesy

There comes a time in any serious activist’s busy life when they must address the key issues of the class struggle.

Be there!

(Thanks to Cde BW).

Background reading.


July 31st 2015 Posadists Today.

“The ability to see has progressed not so much from the optical, but from the social point of view. It is true that we can see today thousands of kilometres away with new instruments and better mathematics. The true vision, however, is that of Marx: Marx who saw that capitalism would be destroyed.” J. Posadas.

The Posadiststoday.com give importance to the recent discovery of Kepler-452b, an exceptional exoplanet in the constellation of Cygnus, with an Earth-like year and a Sun-like star. This event took place around the time of the publication of the new NASA photos of Pluto and its Moons. And on 2nd of July 2015, the Russian PROGRESS spacecraft…

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