French elections, second round, a debate


09/05/2017 by socialistfight

By Viriato Lusitania

Marcon wins: the LCFI and Socialist Fight were for a null vote in the second round; spoil your ballot!

Macron, the candidate of the capitalist has won the election by 65% to 35% to Marine Le Pen the ultra a right candidate.

But one of the most important facts of this second round is that the working class, particularly in the working-class neighborhoods, has opposed in the polls the choice between the extreme right-wing and the banker’s champion. There were almost 9% of “white votes” and “null votes”, circa 4 million votes of that kind and more than 25% of the registered people who just didn’t bother.

Macrons has been elected by less than 45% of the vote. And of those, as surveys after the vote shows, another 45% has voted for him not supporting his person nor his program just from fear of Le Pen

Almost all the political staff of the bourgeoisie, from the Right  conservatives (Les Républicains) to the PS, are quite satisfied with the victory of Macron even if the votes of Marine Le Pen has risen as never before (11 millions).

Macron, will be the president of the bosses and the high finance and he will be with no majority and in a very instable situation. It was not a vote of support, rather a vote against Marine Le Pen. His priorities will be the school with a liberal approach but mainly to reform the “Droit du travail” the Worker’s Law” that still bother the bosses. All this without discussion in Parliament, by “ordonances” (a sort of direct imposition of the president’s will, l’article 49.3) that give no time or way to discuss the law or modified it. It is an Ukasse.

MLP has announced that his party will go through a “profound transformation” calling some little rightist formations to “enlarge their support base”. Nicolas Dupont-Agnan, a so called ‘Gaullist’ who have joined her in the second round, on the contrary has announced he will present candidates in every constituency (then against the FN of M.LPen). There have been also some voices inside the FN who are neither happy with the result nor with their own candidate. This could mean turmoil inside the FN.

Mélenchon has pointed that it was not a vote of support to Macron and there were the Parliamentary elections where he placed himself as “the one with better chances on the left to win” and as a defender of an array of propositions for the “poorer” and for what he called “the ecological urgency”.

The workers, if they wish to oppose all measures contrary to their interests, will have to defend themselves by the only weapons at their disposal: strikes, demonstrations, collective struggles.

France with Macron will enter in fiercest class war between the workers and great employers because redundancies will continue, as job cuts, precariousness will increase, also the freezing and diminishing of wages and pension in order to increase the profits of the capitalist class.

Macron is also for the continuation and escalation of the French implication in the imperialist aggression against Syria and even he has shown himself as an enemy of Russia but very fond of Merkel and the German imperialism. He is for the reintroduction of the draft, and a close cooperation with the “European Army of Defense”. The German bourgeoisie has exulted with Macron’s triumph.

The NPA, as always, called to “Oppose Marine Le Pen on the polls”. They have no shame at all. Every person known that MLP had not the slightest chance. LO, called to vote neither Macron nor Le Pen.

The “Legislatives”, the Parliamentary election will be very close and confused because each party who has made 20% or near (four ones) will present everywhere candidates (there are no alliances or agreement s between parties, at least the big ones).

But the candidates well known to the people come from the right (conservatives Les Républicains) and perhaps some FN candidates and a few but hardly eligible from the PS.

The PS is K.O. with less than 7% and the image of division and turmoil inside.

Mélenchon want to capitalize his 20% but, one thing is his very well-known personality and other one, the very young and politically inexpert local candidates in 577 constituencies around the country. It will be very hard for the “Insoumis” (the name of his movement).

The PCF (Parti Communiste Français) is in a very difficult position. They have counted for decades in the PS to be elected (but always lesser parliamentarians than the before election), but today the PS is in a very bad position. The PCF is trying to make some sort of agreement with “la France Insoumise” of Mélenchon, but it will be a very little agreement (30 constituencies of 577) or…nothing at all.

Is a very complex situation and pregnant with all sort of class and between classes, fights. For the moment, some people are looking for some sort of alliances on the left, but others, eventually Mélenchon are pushing forward to force the others to march behind him. This tactic could be successful or just conduct to a big defeat. It is more a bet than a good tactic. I would be to ask the PCF and even the PS for a Common Front of workers against Macron, from the left. Life will show us which is the good path.

The whole situation is full of tensions but the lack of a real Worker’s party makes the whole picture very foggy, unstable and difficult to predict.

Declaration of the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF)

Here you have another analysis perhaps better than mine for the second round.
It comes from a very stalinists-anti EU little party, a split from the PCF.
It is worth reading for the understanding of the situation and perhaps worth publishing it with the necessary comments.

“Prepared for months by dozens of press covers and tv shows promoting Macron and Le Pen, the highly foreseeable victory of the candidate of big banks- Macron – is the programmed résult of the indecent exploitation of noble anti-racist sentiments of the French people, of the despicable enterprise aimed at blaming left-wing voters who were reluctant to vote for Macron, and even more of the almost totalitarian sacred union of the « beaufs » and « bobos » medacrats, from Figaro to L’Humanité passing through Le Monde and Libération. All these European anthem singers are mobilized in favor of the candidate of Merkel, Obama and Juncker, Gattaz and Parisot, LR and PS, Hue and P. Laurent, EU and NATO. Without forgetting the yellow direction of the CFDT, ahead of the ranks to accompany the Euro-regressions *.

As expected, Marine Le Pen helped his opponent triumph by increasingly retreating on his alleged willingness to break with the EU, declaring himself « European » in all tones and making a cross on the lens, even if grossly demagogic in his mouth, from retirement to 60 years. These highly foreseeable retreats of the FN, which Le Pen has tried to conceal behind an ostentatious aggressiveness, show more than ever that Frexit, which is essential to put France back on the path of independence, progress and multi-continental cooperation, will be progressive or , carried by the working class, by the true communists, class unionists, genuine anti-fascists and patriots of progress, or else it will not. Because the FN is a locks that help the « system » to hold against forbiding any alternative : on the contrary, the pseudo-choice Macron-Le Pen of the second round between the fascinating « France in order » of the FN and the galloping uberization carried by the » Euro-federalist Macron, is nothing more than a political pincer aimed at crushing France between state xenophobia and the eudo-dissolution of the nation, all taking place on context of dangerous slippery path to an ever more police state and new imperialist wars fomented by Donald Trump.

In this context, it is to be welcomed that many « progressive » voters, « rebellious », communists, struggling trade unionists, practiced citizen abstention, white voting, « red » votes, or maintained their vote JLM in the 2nd round. As much as those who voted Macron without endorsing his program, but believing that they were carrying out an anti-fascist duty, these lucid citizens, capable of resisting the enormous media pressure, prepared the resistance, not only to the FN, but to those who make their way by destroying the achievements of the National Council of Recistance (CNR) and the sovereignty of the nation, and even our French language in advance sacrificed to transatlantic all-English (of which Macron is a vector assumed). Already, the moral legitimacy of Macron and his catch-all party is null to apply this reactionary line sponsored from Berlin and Brussels : for not only this character, who had obtained on his name only 16% of the registered In the first round, is very minor in counting abstentions, « dull » and whites (just over 40% of those registered, 59% of whom say they did so only to block the FN, which means a vote only 18% in favour of Macron), not only many of its voters in the second and even the first round had not voted for its program but only to « block » Fillon and / or the FN. But Macron is the product of a system that does everything so that voters decide less on their positive aspirations than on fears and on « tactical » pseudo-votes re-named « useful vote » : so that at the finish, this denatured election. Resultats does not reflect the aspirations of the majority of the people for full-employment, decent wages and a dignified life for all. In particular, how can we not look with disgust at the blackmail which, in the second round, cynically disguised as an anti-fascist barrage a Macron vote which the candidate’s profession of faith expressly presents, not as « a vote against anyone » but as a plebiscite for its mega project of neoliberal break, the very one that the people had rejected by voting no to the European constitution in 2005, by dismissing Sarkozy, and by forbidding Holland to represent itself?

Moreover, the political scientist Jerome Sainte-Marie is right to observe that, in a manner as distorted as it is flagrant, the present election crudely reveals the class divide that divides the country :

On the one hand, all the reconciled tendencies of the bourgeoisie, from conservatives to social liberals flanked by their Eurocommunist satellites, rallied Macron as one man : less to « defend democracy » (the stacking of thirteen liberticidal laws in twelve years proves that France from above mocks freedoms) to take their revenge on May 29, 2005 and to make the band plead the « European federal leap » and the « eurozone government » that Merkel and Holland concocted in the backs of peoples. So the class goal of this mates is to have sufficiently undermined the nation-state and the « French exception » of 1789 and the CNR at the end of the next quinquennium, so that the counter-offensive of the workers must have to face in front of them an irreversibly consolidated European Empire when the revolt breaks out. This means that no « state of grace » should be left to Macron-Merkel and his party « neither left nor left, » nor to the FN that it is necessary to flush out its false role of « tribune » Of the laboring nation which it divides and paralyzes … On the other hand, in the misguided, even suicidal form of the FN vote, but also, contradictorily, in the form of mass abstention from the workers, and much more positively , in the form of the Mélenchon vote, the popular classes and the most unbridled part of the middle classes are increasingly on the sidelines of the oppressive system of the 5th Republic reformed by the EU. Even if Macron and Parisot think they can knock out the workers and the progressive movement with the programmed Blitzkrieg of the summer violent prescriptions, a large-scale social breakdown can occur salutarily in autumn, so workers and youth are exasperated by this policy which take always to the « Small « to stuff the privileged of the financial parasitism that represent Macron, Fillon … and Le Pen. It will be necessary, however, to ensure that this counter-offensive targets not only Macron and the MEDEF, but also to demand that it clearly points out (what the struggles against the so-called El Khomri » didn’t do suffficiently), the EU construction : because it is increasingly on a continental scale that the breakdown of social gains, democratic freedoms and popular sovereignties is orchestrated.

The PRCF is proud for its part of having made the good choice, in the first round, to provide critical but dynamic and constructive support to the candidature of Jean Luc Mélenchon to whom he had missed a few votes to reached the second round, which would have eliminated both Fillon, the PS and Le Pen by arousing a great May Day of combat

The PRCF is very proud to have called, in the second round, to deflate the workers’ vote for the FN without guaranteeing the mortal enemy of the working nation that is Macron. The communist activists of the PRCF dynamically privileged the frankly communist tracting at the entrance of the factories (while working wherever possible with militants PCF, JC, or with rebel committees) to call on the working class to wear the Frexit progressive in the perspective of socialism. The PRCF supports the initiatives of many trade union bases which call on May 8 for resistance against Macron. It calls for the multiplication of connections between social forces and political forces in order to build the Euro-critical and progressive popular opposition necessary to break the Macron-Lepen stranglehold, including for future legislatures. More than ever the PRCF calls on sympathizers who supported its militant efforts, as well as the many friends who supported his campaign on the internet, to step up membership now : a stronger and organized PRCF everywhere will serve greatly, not only to denounce the FN LR EM PS capitalist system, but also to speed up the reconstruction of the true communist party, to help class unionism, to federate the supporters of the Frexit Progressive and defend world peace threatened by imperialism.

PRCF statement on french presidential ballots résults – 7 mai 2017 – 21h

* It is sad that CGT leaders overstepped the confederate mandate by calling, not to deny any vote to the FN, which of course, but to vote by name Macron, The champion all categories of uberization of work !”

A new communist party in France

Published: 30 October 2016

Communists who left the URCF (Union des révolutionnaires-communistes de France, Union of Revolutionary Communists of France) after the foundation of the PRC (Parti Révolutionnaire-Communistes, Revolutionary Party-Communistes) by the unification of the URCF and the Communistes in 2015, founded the PCRF (Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire de France, Revolutionary Communist Party of France). ICP correspondent spoke with Maurice Cukierman, the secretary-general on the newly founded PCRF.

In the foundation text of the party it is stated that the PCFR ‘develops its politics on the basis of materialist and dialectical conception of the World, on the teachings of scientific communism and experience of the Revolutionary International Labor Movement, which all together constitute Marxism-Leninism’.

The GS Cukierman, in the interview, stated that their separation from the PRC had political, ideological and organizational reasons. On the political sphere, Cukierman remarked that, their and PRC’s approaches to the relations with the international communist movement were not identicaland added that PCRF holds different views on means of political and ideological struggle.

Cukierman said, PCRF would hold its first congress in a time span of one and a half year. The GS mentioned that they would prepare their party for the 100th anniversary of the victory of the October Revolution with a younger and larger party.

It is also stated in the foundation that the PCRF will focus on the woman question as well with ‘an intense ideological struggle to fight against bourgeoisie feminism’. Next year, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, PCRF ano will anounces its participation in the International Working Women’s Day.

The official publication of the PCRF is stated to be the Intervention Communist (Communist Intervention).

international communist press / RedGlobe,

Other Links in the debate:

Commsts of France: Macron or Le Pen, Either Way More Struggle

Via International Communist Press, 25 April 2017

The declarations of the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF), the Revolutionary Party-Communists (PRC), the Pole of the Communist Rebirth in France (PRCF) and Pierre Laurent on behalf of the French Communist Party (PCF) on the first round of the presidential elections in France

Following the first  round  of the presidential elections that were held on April 23, Emmanuel Macron of the Forward! (EM) movement and Marine Le Pen of National Front (FN) qualifying to the second round, we share some extracts of the declarations of the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF), the Revolutionary Party-Communists (PRC), the Pole of the Communist Rebirth in France (PRCF) and Pierre Laurent on behalf of the French Communist Party (PCF). The second and final round of the elections will be held on May 7.

PCRF: ‘The results of the elections manifest itself by a 4% increase of the stock market CAC 40’

PCRF calls ‘the workers, as well as the democrats worried about the last five-year term, to refuse the Macron-Le Pen swindle by voting neither for one nor for the other’ at the second tour of the presidential elections. The party underlines that ‘[t]he challenge of the second round is not bourgeoisie democracy or fascism’.

‘…the candidate chosen by the grand bourgeoisie, the banker Emmanuel Macron, launched by François Hollande, the chargé d’affaire of the Capital, took first place ahead of Marine Le Pen, of the National Front. The latter represents the increasing strength of the ultra-reactionary current of the public opinion, the reserve force of the bourgeoisie and its mass of maneuver.’

‘… contrary to what the media bangs on about, we take into account the political character of the abstention and blank vote and spoilt vote, which concerns the popular strata, who do not feel represented since the betrayal of the directors of PCF. It is a question of the first “party” of France.’

PRC: ‘There is nothing good to expect from these two candidates, the candidates of the capital’

PRC calls ‘voting for none of the candidates’ or put the ballot paper in the name of the party’s unofficial candidate Antonio Sanchez in the ballot-envelope at the second tour of the presidential elections.

‘We say it once again that in France there are economic, financial, cultural and social means to apply a large-scale policy of economic and social development in the service of the people to create hundreds of thousands of jobs, to increase the minimum wage and all the salaries, the pensions. France should stop participating in imperialist wars and develop a large-scale policy of peace in order to insure the security of the people.’

PRCF: ‘It is not question of awarding Macron with a certificate of anti-fascism’

PRCF stated that ‘[b]y relentlessly campaigning among the popular strata in order to decrease the votes of the National Front, we have to make this party of hatred retreat as much as possible…’ and ‘for all that, while the Right (Fillon, Juppé etc.) and PS call already for vote Macron, PRCF will not back this candidate whose ultra-maastrichtian politics that aim for dissolve the nation, accompanying the wars of the US, pulverizing all the social acqusitions…hence, nourishing National Front which thrives on all these social and national betrayals in order to usurp and pervert the reference to the nation’

‘The militants of the PRCF will react in the field in order to reduce the score of National Front in labor class districts since this party dishonors France, divides the labor class, pushes the country to an intercommunity war and fascisation, even the road to the police state that was largely paved by the governments of Republicans (LR) and Socialist Party (PS) (which, still, no long time ago, tries to ban mass union demonstrations) since decades.’

PL: ‘This situation is extremely grave for our country’

Pierre Laurent, Secretary General of PCF, made the declaration below:

‘The second round of the French presidential election will be a contest between the racist and xenophobic candidate of the far right, Marine Le Pen, and Emmanuel Macron, the candidate selected by the financial world to reinforce the liberal policies afflicting our country for the past 40 years.

This situation is extremely grave for our country. The far-right reached the second round and the left has been eliminated. However, for the first time in decades, millions of citizens, striving for social change, nearly succeeded in carrying their candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon to the second round. Voters who were betrayed by the policies of Hollande and Valls and who worked hard to bring Jean-Luc Mélenchon to the second round are today experiencing mixed and sometimes contradictory feelings.

At this writing and given the first results available to us, we would like to say to these voters that the nearly 20% score obtained by Jean-Luc Mélenchon raises a new hope for the future, for the reinvention of the new left our country has been waiting for, to unlock the political system and democracy. This result is remarkable and is the first time since 1981 that a candidate representing social transformation has achieved such a score.

The struggle continues for millions of young people, women and men who aspire to a new society free from the tyranny of profitability; people seeking the true left and policies of justice and social progress that refuse austerity, unemployment and social insecurity.

We are entering a completely new and exceptional period in the history of our country. Notwithstanding the diversion of “presidentialisation” and its traps, the event is momentous: the two parties, the Socialists and the Républicains, who have dominated French political life for 40 years, were eliminated in the fist round of voting.

Aspiration for change, for a new choice of society, will continue to grow inexorably. The mobilisation of youth and working-class neighbourhoods is a promise for the future.

For us, this is the essential lesson of the campaign: nothing is more urgent than to continue to remain open to these new aspirations for a genuine citizens’ democracy, to seek the path that will enable us to join forces to build a new social, ecological Republic of solidarity, respectful of diversity and the expectations of our people.

This is a struggle that the Communist Party intends to pursue with all political, social and citizen forces available. We have unprecedented advantages going forward.

We applaud the campaign of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, all activists from the Communist Party, the Front de Gauche, la France insoumise, elected representatives from the Communist Party and the Front de Gauche, and all the citizens who were engaged and voted. This result belongs to you.

The commitment of our party, our activists, and elected officials representing the values of the Republic to Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s campaign brought about promising new alliances. Jean-Luc Mélenchon achieved very good results in cities, cantons and districts where the Communist Party is well established and has a significant network of activists and representatives.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s results demonstrate a deep desire for change, for greater honesty in politics, more social justice, solidarity, genuine democracy, peace, and respect for the environment.

The French left has opened a new page in history with this campaign. It is a new era for the left. The Communist Party is completely invested in this revitalization through our project, La France en commun, and fully focused on the challenges of the 21st Century.

At this time, aware of the huge battles to come and the responsibilities that our party bears, for the second round of voting on 7 May we call for a vote that will block Marine Le Pen’s bid for the presidency and thwart the menace she and her clan represent for democracy, the Republic and peace; unfortunately, there is only one ballot that can be used to that effect.

Marine Le Pen seeks a society of hatred, the rejection of others, racism and xenophobia; a society that would divide those with common interests to benefit her own clan and financial powers; a society that would scorn the fundamental principles of equality and fraternity in the Republic in favour of discrimination among the French, among people who live and work in our country, based on their origins and nationality. We do not want this.

Marine Le Pen wants a dangerous world where all types of war would become possible, where nationalist rivalries would be encouraged. With Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad, and the European far-right movements as allies, she would threaten world security if she were president of France, one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. We do not want this.

It is our duty, for today and for future generations, to prevent her from becoming president of our Republic, which would mean that the far-right would have control of all of the instruments of the State.

Our appeal for 7 May is obviously in no case a show of support for the neoliberal, anti-social programme of Emmanuel Macron, which we opposed when he was a minister and which we will continue to fight without concession whenever workers and their rights and public services are under attack.

Appeals will be made on the occasion of the 1st of May demonstrations by trade unions, and we call for broad participation in International Workers’ Day events to express our mobilisation against the far right and in support of peace, democracy and social progress.

Faced with the ballot choices of the second round of presidential elections, the legislative elections to be held 11 and 18 June are of crucial importance. Citizens who carried the banner for social transformation by voting Jean-Luc Mélenchon must now persevere and break through with the legislative elections. The National Assembly can act as a counter-weight to the policies advanced by the government following the second round of the presidential election on 7 May.

On the strength of the result obtained this Sunday, we can elect numerous honest députés, representatives who will be close to you and defend the interests of the people, as Communists MPs have done for five years, in particular against the so-called Macron and El Khomri laws. These representatives will resist the right and the far right, will not make alliances with MPs from Macron’s party to approve anti-social laws. These MPs will be a force of resistance and hope in the face of financial greed, fighting hatred and division.

Communists are fully invested in this legislative battle, which we have understood to be essential from day one; it is as important as the presidential election. The French Communist Party is presenting and supporting a new generation of candidates, an equal number of men and women, to bring the people’s voice into the National Assembly.

As of this evening, and in the next 48 hours, the Communist Party calls on the forces of the left and progress, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s team and those from la France insoumise, all of the forces engaged in the campaign, supporters of Benoît Hamon, Socialists and Greens, women and men who want to rebuild a dynamic force on the left for social transformation, to meet, to debate publically and prepare for these decisive elections together: the second round of the presidential election and the legislative elections to be held on 11 and 18 June.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 French elections open up struggle for socialist revolution THE RESULT of the French Presidential election on Sunday saw the right-wing centrist candidate, Emmanuel Macron, winning with 65.5% of the vote beating the leader of the neo-fascist National Front party, Marine Le Pen, who secured 34.5%.

This victory for the ex-merchant banker and former economy minister under the previous Socialist Party government of Francois Hollande, doesn’t disguise the fact that both Macron and Le Pen are hated by the vast majority of workers and young people in France. This is revealed when the figures for the number of abstentions and spoiled ballot papers are taken into account.

The figures reveal that more than 20 million people voted for Macron while 10.5 million voted for Le Pen. However 12 million abstained (26% the highest recorded number in French Presidential elections since 1969), while three million left their ballot papers blank and a further one million spoiled theirs (12% of the votes).

In other words Le Pen actually ended up in third place after the millions who refused to vote for either candidate. All the predictions made by the bourgeois press that young people and workers were turning to Le Pen were shown up as complete rubbish.

The undeniable fact is that the vast majority either abstained, spoilt the ballot papers or put their cross against Macron, not in support of his pro-EU and pro-capitalist policies but to stop the neo-fascists from winning. The crisis gripping the capitalist system of Europe is finding an acute expression in France where the old bourgeois order has collapsed, with the two main parties that have dominated the 5th Republic, the Socialist Party (PS) and the right-wing Republican Party, being kicked out in the first round of these elections.

What was of crucial significance, was that in the first round of these elections Jean-Luc Mélenchon, standing on a socialist programme of anti-austerity, withdrawal from the EU and for the extension of workers’ rights, secured 19.65% of the vote and came within two percentage points of beating Le Pen and so facing Macron in the final run-off.

That a candidate who openly proclaims himself to be a revolutionary socialist can in a very short space of time come from nowhere to win such massive support, demonstrates the revolutionary tide that is gripping French workers and youth. This has been seen since the days following the first round, with millions of youth and workers holding mass demonstrations and rallies across France demanding ‘we don’t want Macron or Le Pen.’

This revolutionary situation in France will reach an explosion point very swiftly. Macron, who made a point in his acceptance speech of ‘reaching out’ to Le Pen’s supporters, faces the job of trying to impose on the working class even more draconian cuts and reforms to the labour laws that the hated government of Hollande tried to implement and which brought it down so dramatically.

Indeed Macron, as his economy minister, was responsible for drawing up these very plans under the instructions of the, predominantly German, bankers. These include cutting France’s massive national debt which has shot up to 90% of GDP, nearly double what it was ten years ago, by smashing the country’s welfare spending while at the same time ending all legal protection for workers from unfair dismissal and ending redundancy packages.

This will drive up unemployment, already standing at over 24% for youth, and complete the destruction of France’s industrial base while protecting its banking and finance sectors. This election has solved nothing for the crisis of the French ruling class and the bourgeoisie of Europe, it will sharpen the class struggle to the point of revolution.

French workers and youth have had enough of capitalist crisis and are demanding a revolution in order to secure any future. This revolutionary wave is sweeping the whole of Europe including Britain with workers defying their old leadership and moving rapidly along the road to socialist revolution.

This revolution demands a revolutionary leadership and the decisive issue today is the building of sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International in every country to lead the fight to overthrow capitalism and advance to the United Socialist States of Europe.

One thought on “French elections, second round, a debate

  1. viriato says:

    The article has some good comments but, as almost always, a lot of ‘wishful thinking’ and exaggerations.
    We are not in a “revolutionary situation” this is outright nonsense, but in a situation that remains me of ‘before winning situation, roughly 1964-1970 in Chile. Of allende’s presidential election 5 years latter’ if I can say. That is, there is a possibility for the left of the social democracy ( the Insoumis” or Mélenchon) to arrive to “power” (presidency) in 5 years from now.
    The description of the election process is quite accurate and agreed with mine but the conclusions are absurd.
    I am a part of the Insoumis and it is mainly a petit-bourgeois or a good earning worker’s movement if you take “teachers, doctors, communication people” and the like as “workers”. Between them I feel quite poor, in every sense, because not only they are at the first beginning of whatsoever political knowledge (mixed with all sort of ‘ left social consciousness’) but there not willing to approach the real working class. They tend also to address their people and every meeting is a battle to make them look (from afar) to the real working class.
    Is a Podemos sort of thing with the same prejudices against “communism” “the working class” and looking for “new ways to make politics” that are the old semi anarchical ways but without the anarchist ideology (in fact, liberal ideology not conscious they take for “left thinking” )that permits every little opportunist to escalate the stairs to become the same sort of man as Tsipras, Iglesias or that sort of people.
    Mélenchon is not yet this, but you should agree that a leader is the reflect of his supporters and, if there is no better people inside (the working class support Mélenchon because of his radical albeit nationalistic language, but it doesn’t engage in militancy) there is still hard work before us.
    At the present situation,  the next parliamentary election soon next month, Mélenchon has refused all sort of agreements with the Greens, the PCF and the socialist and ask them “to join their movement and program” (just as to say ‘himself’).
    This is an adventurous bet that can be wined (that is, make of his person the leader of the Left in France. That is his scope and will… to pass in force as French’s say, or result in a resounding crash because he has only 20% and with 20%  or 35% in some constituencies, you can’t win albeit there is a “triangulaire” or three candidates in the second or ballot round. That is what he is betting for. Is somewhat adventurous but possible. He is a bet man and that has succeeded him in the last election but is it a policy for worker’s?
    I am  fed up with people that every time that some little success comes, they mount over the tables and announce “revolution” every time… “revolution” that falls flat two weeks latter.
    Instead of saying “just work for the defense of a worker’s policy, the construction of a real communist party and see” they sow illusions to fabricate deceit for the future. A “method” so many leftists utilize to reassure themselves but that has conducted the whole real Left to the brink of complete collapse.
    This stupid and absurd ‘methods’ should be abandoned. Otherwise we will never advance a step.
    Sorry for the poor English.


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