Luke Akehurst removed from local Labour Party executive by members

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14/03/2017 by socialistfight

Might have informed us that he is a racist Zionist bigot, scarcely a state secret:

By Andrew Francis, Oxford East CLP

Right-wing ‘Labour First’ careerist and proud enemy of the left Luke Akehurst has been firmly routed from his position as membership secretary in Oxford East CLP and replaced by two left wing party activists: Jane Stockton and Dan Iley Williamson – who is also a Councillor and the secretary of the Oxford Momentum branch – with a healthy majority. At the same meeting, which was attended by at least 150 delegates, some other left-wingers were elected to positions on the executive.

As well as being the result of a well organised turnout by Momentum, the victory can also be credited to Dan and Jane putting forward a convincing and positive strategy for harnessing the so far untapped potential of the increased membership. In their joint speech they emphasised the need to engage members and go beyond the stale routines of yesteryear by creating varied…

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