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09/03/2017 by socialistfight

Valuable insights here. Of course McCann lost the vote because Brexit was seen as a Unionist vote and no mention of the border reinforced the perception. I’m in close agreement with the positions here. It is very frustrating to encounter the pro-imperialist positions of the majority of the Trotskyist groups – the ‘pro-imperialist left’.  And with Libya 2011 it got considerably worse. The Workers Power group in Ireland, the Irish Workers Group had good positions, Andy Johnson and Jim Larragy (before he found [or rediscovered] Jesus) but they are now dreadful on Libya and Syria.

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Assembly Election Leaflets from People Before Profit Alliance, Cross-Community Labour Alternative
Silence from the Left on outcome of Assembly Election
No News or Comment on Socialist Party Website, or on Cross Community Labour Alternative Website, or on PBP website! How about an explanation of the debacle?

The political body behind PBP is the Socialist Workers Party. The political body behind Cross-Community Labour Alternative is the Socialist Party.

Not alone is there no reference to Brexit in these leaflets there is no pointing of workers in the direction of Irish Unity, Independence and socialism as in the the revolutionary Connolly position. Any reference to Brexit would have raised these issues. The 3 leaflets are entirely reformist and social democratic in content. You could be in Germany!! In colonially affected Ireland Social Democratic politics has been at best useless…

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