Ten positions for the revolution and the communist identity today

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25/12/2016 by socialistfight

For debate and discussion. Much to agree with here but I feel that we cannot dispense with Trotskyism and start again, the Fifth International was still born and let us not raise the prospect of a Sixth.

No, to understand this crisis odd revolutionary leadership we must examine the crisis of Trotskyism during and after WWII. And in detail and all its currents. Because it was to the banner of revolutionary Trotskyism the best of the youth and fighters for revolutionary socialism were drawn and the ranks of these groups contain the best revolutionary socialists.

We must examine them, critique them mercilessly and via splits and fusions reforge the Fourth International. Not as a sectarian act of taking the crisis of revolutionary leadership as a thing in itself as Robertson’s International Communist League and its derivatives do but as part of our intervention in the class struggle itself.


1. Our references

The Communist Revolutionary Action is inspired by the great revolutionary struggles, the French Revolution, the Commune of Paris, the Red October of 1917, Spartacus, the Spanish Revolution, the Red December of Athens, the post-war revolutions and uprisings against the capitalists and the bureaucrats in both the east and the west, as well as every other small struggle that is a link in the chain of the struggle of the international proletariat for social liberation and the destruction of the capitalist imperialist system, for workers’ power, communism and a classless society.

The Jacobins, the clubs of the early communists (Babeuf, Blanqui), Marx, Engels and their comrades, the internationalist revolutionaries such as Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, the Bolsheviks of the Russian revolution, the 3rd International of Lenin, Trotsky, Pouliopoulos, the Left Opposition and the 4th International and other contemporary revolutionary militants and thinkers, without any obsession or uncritical…

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