Chessum’s inexcusable response – a reply by Jackie Walker


17/11/2016 by socialistfight

Well, Michael Chessum and the AWL in general emerge  as scurrilous ,  dishonest and truly appalling human beings for the manner of their victimisation of Jackie Walker.

This article by Momentum national Steering Committee member Jackie Walker is a reply to a statement written by fellow SC member Michael Chessum on why he voted to remove her as the committee’…

Source: Chessum’s inexcusable response – a reply by Jackie Walker

2 thoughts on “Chessum’s inexcusable response – a reply by Jackie Walker

  1. You’ll accuse me of disagreeing for the sake of argument, but while I would of course defend Walker, I see nothing in Chessum’s argument or methods that makes him an appalling human being. I don’t think Walker’s response to Chessum was very competent, and her accusations of dishonesty were based on hair-splitting. (Consider particularly the distinction on opening Holocaust Day to victims of other holocausts.)

    I hesitate to counter-moralize to your moralizing, but I don’t think labels like “appalling human being” have a place in Marxist polemic. Chessum took a rightist position, but he did nothing unusually disreputable. Even had he – Trotsky didn’t even refer to Stalin in such egregious terms.


  2. In a somewhat related vein, SF has apparently removed the piece it reprinted from Shirraz Socialist calling Galloway a “scum.”

    I’m glad you removed it, but you should have acknowledged the mistake.


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