Report of controversial 28 October “emergency” Momentum Steering Committee

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30/10/2016 by socialistfight

Vital information here on the machinations and manoeuvres of John Lansman and his clique who so undemocraticlly seek to monopolise power inside  Momentum. Hostility to the mass membership and grovelling before the capitalist establishment is the hallmark of this group. This paragraph that names the Lansman clique, the shameful seven:

“Lansman pushed his procedural motion to go to the vote, confidently knowing he had a majority; and he won is procedural motion by 7 votes for, 2 against and 1 abstention (Martyn Cook – Abstained, Darren Williams, Cecile Wright, Sam Tarry, Marsha Jane Thompson, Christine Shawcross, and Jon Lansman in favour and Michael and myself against). Then we went to the vote on an OMOV conference with the same votes cast. This should have been the legitimate business of the National Committee.”

Jill Mountford's Momentum blog

Dear comrades – apologies if anything in this report is unclear or confusing. In addition to the events themselves being quite confused, this was written late at night after a very long day at work and then a long meeting. Please feel free to email questions and comments to See also my initial brief report here, which includes basic decisions about the NC and who voted how, and Michael Chessum’s comments here.

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