Momentum conference in February: let’s take this opportunity to democratise Momentum (proposal to the NC)

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19/10/2016 by socialistfight

We are gathering together all proposals for the February 2017 Momentum Conference

Jill Mountford's Momentum blog

I promised some more general commentary on the ways Momentum needs to change this week. It is coming, I promise! Meanwhile, a specific proposal to meet specific and very urgent needs.

In part because of the short timetable imposed by the bad way this has been handled so far and the lack of information circulated, some of this may be confusing or hard to follow. Please feel free to email me with questions and queries as well as comments: I’m also happy to come and speak to Momentum groups and regions about this.


BRIEF SUMMARY: The Momentum Steering Committee has repeatedly delayed putting out any long term structural proposals. Now some individuals within the SC have put out a very complicated document about how to decide the shape of Momentum’s February conference which effective bypasses the elected National Committee and creates a very opaque and difficult system…

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