The Chicken Coup attempt has failed!

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30/07/2016 by socialistfight

By Sruart McGee

The Brexit vote in the EU referendum 23 June was a major upheaval in Britain and this is just the start. After 43 years the British public voted to leave the European Union.

It is a decision that has rocked the British establishment whose response has bordered on panic.
The morning after the vote saw the prime minister David Cameron resign. Less than a week later the leader of the leave campaign, Boris Johnson, who was odds on favourite to replace him was forced to announce that he would not be standing in the Tory party leadership election.
On the financial front the pound initially lost value at a dramatic rate dropping back to 1985 levels, only recovering slightly and temporarily as a result of the Bank of England pumping liquidity into the market. At the same time the governor of the Bank of England was warning of the forthcoming recession as a result of the vote to leave.
Business leaders are switching their gaze to America and Asia as the reality of access to the European market of five hundred million consumers looks in increasing jeopardy.
Fantasists on the extreme right of the British establishment and racists wax lyrical about continuing access to the European market while restricting the free movement  of European people. Taking back control of our borders and all the other nonsense.
Frustrated by the perpetual isolationist, post imperial nonsense of Britain (which the exit vote is partially a reflection of) the rest of the European elite have made it absolutely clear that the United Kingdom cannot have its cake and eat it. Either the free movement of people is accepted or British business will not have access to the European market full stop.
Another irony of the leave vote is the backward looking and bigoted atmosphere that has normalised open racism, to the extent that extreme right wing fascists and other moronic thugs now have the confidence to violently attack immigrants is being condemned by the very bigots who created the atmosphere and deny that they are racists in the first place. The mentality is based on the idiotic illusion that things were rosy for ordinary British working class people when the British empire ruled a quarter of the world and the union jack (or the butcher’s apron to those from nations being oppressed under its heel), flew over Britain’s colonies and dependencies. An illusion that is all the more ridiculous based on spitfires, bulldogs, Winston Churchill, cricket on the village green and all of the other silliness that epitomized the beginning of the end of the British empire seventy years ago at the end of World War 2.
Nothing could be further from the truth, for those backward looking elements taken in by this abject nonsense. In Scotland there was a very substantial vote to remain in the EU. Scotland has been told quite firmly by the European leaders that it cannot remain in the EU because it is not a sovereign state. The argument that will be articulated by the SNP is that circumstances have changed dramatically, once again because of the actions of the self serving elite in Westminster and against the will of the Scottish people. Therefore another referendum to see if Scotland wishes to leave the UK is entirely legitimate. There can be little doubt that after the lies of the establishment were exposed following the independence vote in 2014 Scotland would vote for independence.
The occupied six north eastern counties of Ireland also voted to remain, creating a constitutional crisis here as well. How will the south of Ireland function with a ‘hard’ border with the north? Obviously, despite assurances from Theresa May, Taoiseach Enda Kenny and all political leaders in the north that nothing will change, if the Brexit negotiations with the EU fail to secure something close to an open market then things will have to change vis a vis the border.
Far from returning to the days of warm beer and cucumber sandwiches and a game of cricket on the village green seventy years ago, this vote will lead to the end of the UK, making the union jack (or the butcher’s apron), a historical artifact as the united Kingdom will no longer exist.
While these earth shattering events for Britain were taking place, one man, true to form, was firmly in pursuit of his own vested self interest regardless of what the consequences would be for anyone else. Tony Blair, the epitome of the self serving establishment that working class people and genuine middle class people have come to hate and despise was scheming to unseat Jeremy Corbyn, and/or split the Labour party in a pre-planned and orchestrated attempt to administer a coup and take back the leadership of the Labour party on behalf of the establishment and their fifth column who believed they had effectively taken control of the labour movement up to a year ago when the anti austerity movement and the election of Jeremy Corbyn shook them out of their well healed torpor.
The individual vested self interest of Blair the individual lay in diverting attention from himself and the war crimes he committed taking Britain to war in Iraq in 2003 based on a complete pack of lies.
The coup attempt started with ludicrous claims that it was Jeremy’s fault that Britain had voted to leave the EU because he hadn’t campaigned hard enough for a remain vote. (the most notorious example was the stage managed heckle of an employee of a PR company set up by Tony Blair (called Portland), conveniently, and not for the first time (remember John Mann’s attack on Ken Livingstone), in front of the television cameras).
These opening shots were quickly followed by the establishment figure and Labour grandee Dame Margaret Hodge, and another self serving Blairite MP, laying down a motion calling for Jeremy’s resignation.
There then followed a carefully choreographed string of resignations from the shadow cabinet, carefully spaced out to ensure maximum media coverage.
At a time when the Tory prime minister had been forced to resign and the Tory party was hopelessly split the establishment through their man Tony Blair, ensured that it was the developing coup against Corbyn that was in the headlines and the hope for a united Labour party were nothing more than a pipe dream.
The calls for Corbyn to stand down as leader by the shadow cabinet members was followed by the signatures of 172 Labour MPs expressing no confidence in him and a petition of five hundred councillors. Add to this the personal attack on him by the outgoing Tory prime minister David Cameron in parliament and it is clear to see that this is a pre planned establishment coup attempt against the anti austerity leadership of the Labour party, through the medium of the war criminal Tony Blair and the whole self seeking fifth column in the labour movement In the face of this and the vile cacophony of misleading abuse in the mainstream media Jeremy Corbyn has bravely stood firm and has refused to stand down.
He quite rightly points out that he has an overwhelming mandate from party members. There has been a petition to defend Jeremy Corbyn that is already in excess of two hundred and twenty thousand strong. There are sixty thousand new Labour party members who have joined in the last ten days, the majority of who are in support of Jeremy Corbyn.
It is absolutely inconceivable that he would lose a ballot in any re election for the Labour party leadership. Hence the farcical spectacle of the coup plotters desperately trying to find a willing candidate to stand against him. Eventually Faux left candidate Angela Eagle announced that she was going to stand. Then she decide that she would delay the official announcement and then delayed it again. The coup plotters had realised that their mistiming of the assault was developing into a massive mistake and there was no way they could win an election against Jeremy, whoever they stood.
Queue the setting for a very hasty re arrangement of the plan that was being prepared to depose him at the Labour party conference in Liverpool in September, using bureaucratic manoeuvres.
More astute but no less cynical and self serving elements in right wing trade unions (and one in particular) had been scheming for a long time to unseat Jeremy, through a vote of no confidence at the Labour party conference, using the bloc vote (that has been usurped by unaccountable and unelected and barely elected right wing trade union barons, to (reluctantly of course) wield a vote of no confidence in Jeremy and replace him with the deputy Tom Watson hence avoiding the need for a leadership election.
A shaky plan perhaps but one that has been completely blown out of the water by Tony Blair’s preemptive coup attempt  designed to deflect attention away from the facts that the Chilcot report will reveal when it is published next week. The thought of the leader of the opposition and current leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn standing up in parliament and denouncing a former prime minister and leader of the Labour party for the war criminal he is and pointing out that he should be facing charges in the international court in the Hague was something that Blair and the establishment could not tolerate.
Hence the PR firm Portland, all the dames and Lords of the fifth column of the establishment and the aspiring shadow cabinet members, PLP members, councillors, senior members of the labour party apparatus, the mainstream media and even the outgoing Tory prime minister all being called into action on behalf of the establishment, to administer a coup against Jeremy Corbyn. By doing so they are seeking to destroy the anti austerity movement and are attacking the rank and file of the labour party and every genuine member of both wings of the labour movement.
To date they have failed thanks to the incredible bravery shown by Jeremy and perhaps even more importantly the massive response of the ordinary members of the party and anti austerity campaigners the length and breadth of the country.
Two hundred and twenty thousand plus signatures in support, sixty thousand new members of the Labour party most joining to support him. More importantly there have been demonstrations and rallies to support him in towns and cities the length and breadth of the county. Even more importantly resolutions have been submitted at a ward and constituency party level across the country in support of Jeremy and against the treacherous coup plotters. In some areas like Wallasey and Stoke on Trent those resolutions have been passed unanimously. The response to the outrageous behaviour of the establishment and Blair from ordinary members has been tremendous.
The only chink in the armour giving the coup plotters some hope has been those weak and unthinking elements who claim to be on Jeremy’s side saying that they will leave if Jeremy is removed.
That is exactly what they want and precisely the opposite approach and some self discipline and determination is required. we should all be looking to recruit another member to the Labour party, we should be getting more involved and organised within the party structure seeking to replace the coup plotters at a parliamentary, council level and party apparatus level. Most importantly democratising our unions and taking control back at a membership level and out of the hands of unelected and barely elected officials, some of who are clearly planning to help stab Jeremy in the back. Come what may this is the only viable approach if we are serious about winning. Any wavering and weakness is a betrayal of the movement and everything Corbyn stands for.
The last throw of the dice for the coup plotters and traitors will be a bureaucratic manoeuvre to try and force Jeremy out and avoid the need for a leadership election
For this the establishment will call on it’s dwindling support in apparatus of right wing unions and their placemen at the top of the Labour party apparatus.
Bogus complaints have been made against Jeremy, and very significantly John McDonnell. Both could face suspension while an investigation takes place and the plotters will replace them with an appointed leader.
Any complaints will be in the hands of the unelected General Secretary of the Labour party and former unelected political officer of the GMB union Mr Iain McNicol. The legal position as well as the political consequences of trying to administer such a move are enormous
However the coup attempt has failed, despite the tremendous pressure on Jeremy Corbyn he has stood firm rather than stand down. Tremendous bravery that should be acknowledged by all. The response of the ordinary members of the Labour party has been excellent making it absolutely clear to the self seeking coup plotters that there is no way on earth that they can win an election for leader with Jeremy, or for that matter John standing.
Hence their last desperate bid to oust Jeremy before they deliberately split the Labour party will be a bureaucratic manoeuvre based on bogus complaints submitted to the unelected general secretary and former unelected political officer of the GMB union Mr Iain McNicol

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