“Jew-baiter Livingstone’s filthy and ignorant perversion of history”

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29/04/2016 by socialistfight

Look at how this Zionist bigot Jim Denham, Netanyahu’s British spokesman, attacks Livingstone. The comments include speculation on how to get rid of Corbyn and who to replace him with. It’s a vile far right attack. He has been a member of the AWL forever and had a letter in the Workers Liberty a few weeks ago supporting the Tory Prevent attack on Muslims. This follows Eric Lee’s “I’m Proud to be a Zionist” last week which created such furore amongst the group’s younger members

Shiraz Socialist

John Mann MP denounces Livingstone; Livingstone claims history is on his side

As I made clear in the previous post, I have some sympathy for Naz Shah, despite her disgraceful Facebook posts. She seems to be genuinely remorseful and anxious to reach out to, and learn from, Jewish people. I hope she is reinstated as a Labour MP, a chastened and wiser person. No such sympathy can be extended to the scum-bag Livingstone, a virulent and gleeful Jew-baiter, who should have been expelled from the Party for his remarks about Jews, Zionism and Israel in 2012. The fact that he got onto Labour’s NEC as part of the left ticket speaks volumes about the degenerate state of what passes for the “left” in Britian today.

As for his ignorant and offensive statement that “Hitler was supporting Zionism” in 1932 (see transcript, below), see Sean Matgmana’s 2006 article dealing with…

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