Jonathan Freedland and Nick Cohen: Establishment spivs

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21/03/2016 by socialistfight

Letter from South London

Establishment spiv Jonathan Freedland

Hello Gerry

I see the desperate campaign to smear Jeremy Corbyn, through guilt by association, trundled on at the weekend in the Liberal press with more of their moral prostitutes, of a journalistic persuasion, wrote articles in the Guardian on Saturday and the Observer on Sunday. I must say there is an air of desperation about their unprincipled ranting, which is pleasing, however they, along with the declining strength of their fifth column inside of the labour movement will move heaven and earth to deprive Labour of the victory it looks like it could be heading for in May. Such a result would consolidate Corbyn and McDonnell’s position and that of the anti-austerity, anti-war movement they represent. The Liberals inside and outside of our movement, in the press, in parliament and every other organ of the establishment they hold power in, are not going to allow that to happen without one more major push to destabilize and to have us depicted as split and divided as the Tories.

A certain Jonathan Freedland got the ball rolling on Saturday in the Guardian with an article pointing out how Labour had to expel two activists for overt racism. The fact that there has been no case against you or hearing for you to defend yourself or that there is no right of appeal appears to be of total irrelevance to this bought and paid for scribe. You are guilty of overt racism and they had to expel you. You are named Gerry so I don’t know if there are any legal ramifications here. You are mentioned with one Vicki Kirby who has had allegations made against her that she put out racist tweets, my knowledge of this case her guilt or otherwise is limited so unlike our principled scribbler I will refrain from passing judgement and commenting further.

This is rapidly followed by reference to the Oxford University case. Once again I am not as well read as I would like to be but wasn’t this when a Blairite flounced out of a position claiming anti-Semitism and wasn’t it all linked to an election that was taking place with Young Labour?

He then goes on to relay how criticism of Zionism can be and is interpreted by many Jews as being anti-Jewish, although criticism of the right wing Israeli government is legitimate. The duplicitous self-righteous poltroon then gives the game away by arguing why don’t we condemn Russia as vigorously for things like the bombing in Syria (this in the newspaper that lauded bomber Benn and the other 65 members of the Devil’s mark squadron, for voting with the Tory government to extend the RAF bombing to Syria).

The finishing flourish is directed at Corbyn, of course Jeremy’s not anti-Semitic, but those around him, and that includes the likes of you brother Downing, could yet drag him down.

I don’t think the red light in Jonathon Freedland’s office signifies support for socialism.

Establishment spiv Nick Cohen

The following day in the Observer Nick Cohen (who would have thought it) was reclaiming his Jewishness in an article, unfortunately I have no further time to elaborate on the burbling of this bought and paid for creature, suffice to say it is clearly an orchestrated campaign in their press. The Oxford University debacle appears to be an incident that was coordinated by the rump of the Blairite clique and organisations like Labour Friends of Israel will be a conduit through which this campaign of misinformation and lies flows. Far more sinister forces will be at the heart of it.

The reaction I have had when explaining the situation to my mates, some politico’s, some not has received unanimous outrage and backing for you when I point out that you have had no trial and no right of appeal.

I think if that point is hammered home again and again in anything we put out we will begin to expose this conglomeration of institutionally corrupt poltroons.

Good luck Gerry and thanks for reminding me of one of the most eloquent insults ever invented.

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