Interview with Radio Zamaneh: On the Syrian Democratic and Revolutionary Opposition


30/11/2015 by socialistfight

Joseph Daher, this “Syrian-Swiss Marxist intellectual with a PhD in Development at the University of SOAS, London” also has a piece in Socialist Resistance No 80. In that very long article and in this one he utterly fails to find anything wrong with what he calls “the West” except they are failing in their duty to assist “the revolution” adequately – this from SR 80: “the absence or lack of any kind of “large” organised and decisive military assistance of the USA and/or Western states to the Syrian revolutionaries is another proof of the lack of will for any radical change (!!!) in Syria.” And “We should support the provision and delivery of arms with no political conditions attached (!!!) from the West to democratic sections of the FSA.” They are not opposed to any solution merely assert that “any kind of ‘realistic solution’ in the medium and long term cannot include Assad and other criminals with blood on their hands.” And he complains bitterly, and the so-called Marxists of SR highlight this, of: “the absence of any clear policy from Western powers (would these be US-dominated global imperialism, Marxist Comrade Daher?) to assist the revolutionaries in Syria.”

One has to observe that the essential message from these diatribes, if we leave aside a few pseudo-leftist phrases, would not be out of place in far right Neo-Con propaganda or from the CIA itself.

Syria Freedom Forever - سوريا الحرية للأبد

On the Syrian Democratic and Revolutionary Opposition
Joseph Daher interviewed by Frieda Afary 
Published by Zamaneh, a Persian-language human rights website and radio station on November 17, 2015
Zamaneh Editor’s Note:  Joseph Daher is a  Syrian-Swiss Marxist intellectual with a PhD in Development at  the University of SOAS, London. He is also a member of Solidarités in Switzerland and of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria.   What do leftist Syrian intellectuals think about the current crisis, Assad’s future, the intervention of world powers, the activism of forces representing alternatives and the role and influence of Syrian Kurds?  The text below contains Daher’s responses to two questions that have been posed in order to better comprehend the events in Syria from an alternative point of view. 
Also see an English summary of articles from   Zamaneh’s  special page on “War in the Region and Iran’s Share of  Responsibility for the Syria Crisis.”
Here is the…

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One thought on “Interview with Radio Zamaneh: On the Syrian Democratic and Revolutionary Opposition

  1. Caupo says:

    I am used to this kind of pro-imperialists arguments.
    They came, here in France, from the NPA, a staunch supporter of the US agression against the Syrian gouvernement using these so-called “resistants” and “marxists” to promote the US and Franch imperialist plans in the region. This “intellectual” man, Mr. Daher, is one of their main “sources” and inspirer.
    In fact, in their traitourous reasonning Mr. Daher, ‘forget’ the main problem.
    That all those so called “rebels” and “opposition” are the stooges of imperialism or their fellow travellers.
    The so called Free Syrian Army is a construction of the french imperialism and has very little importance in the field. It is just a political justification for the plans of french and US imperialism in Syria.
    Mr. Daher is an intellectual supporter of…this French intervention. He disguised itself as a “marxist” but it would be very stupid to take his word for a true, he is just another imperialist ‘intelectual’ puppet. The FSA is at most a very little pro-french and US procapitalist mouvement.
    I do not understand why this rotten prose is published in your site that has till now support the people of Syrie in his long and heroic fight against a coalition of imperialists powers and it’s puppets states and the fondamentalist murderers they support.
    These are ennemies and there criminal arguments don’t need the only tribune that can be used to promote the real situation and the real reasons of the crimes that are happening in Syrie and the region (and today with plans by the imperialists to scalate the war, using as ‘justification’ the crimes their creatures has made in Paris) .
    Mr. Daher has a long range of publications very willingly to publish his rubbish, why have we to swallow his shit?
    Better would has been to have a better view of the whole situation than to read whatever can be posted by an pro-imperialist “intelelctual” (??)…
    (Please correct the english if published)

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