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19/11/2015 by socialistfight

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The election of Jeremy Corbyn, as leader of the Labour Party, has been like a logjam that has been removed which has allowed and facilitated a better flow of progressive views and thoughts, with socialism suddenly becoming in vogue.

The Labour Party appears to turning itself from being only an election machine and into a party with potential to influence progressive movements throughout the UK.

But why did it take the election of a 66 year old parliamentarian, a back bencher for over thirty years, to release this enthusiasm for a clear alternative to austerity, a man who struggled to get the 35 nominations needed to get on to the ballot paper, with many of the so-called trade unionists in the Parliamentary Labour Party failing to back him?

Witnessing the packed halls as Corbyn toured the country, it became clear that people of all age groups, within the Labour Trade Union family, were waiting for this…

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