Trade Union Bill

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05/10/2015 by socialistfight

Very pleasing to see a revolt in Unite against this appalling act of treachery by McCluskey on this attack on the fundamental rights of the organised working class.

And it’s worse than Thatcher, because it adds to her list of attacks elements she did not date to attempt.

It has been well documented in recent months that the Trade Union bill is the biggest attack on trade union members since the dark days of Thatcher. An ideological and vicious attempt to suppress the workers of this country from defending themselves from the excesses of capitalism, that goes to the very heart of our human and civil rights.

So what do we make of of the latest intervention from Unite leader, Len McLuskey, in a letter to David Cameron? Len seems to be in favour of the element of the bill that deals with ballots. In particular, where it seeks to enforce a 50% turnout of those entitled to vote with the addition that 40% of those entitled to vote, votes in favour, but only if a deal could be done that would require an amendment to the bill to bring in secure workplace ballots using online and electronic voting.

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