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28/09/2015 by socialistfight

The trade unions as institutions have at this stage of history completed their life circle within the bourgeois democracy and have assumed in full, their reactionary role by becoming an integral part of the modern bourgeois state.


It is with great interest that the broad labour movement must follow the ongoing events concerning the future of the link between the Labour Party and the Trade Unions, for, underneath the masks of Party democracy and workers representation the leading protagonists are wearing on the stage of this farcical play, we find the ugliness of their true intentions. Indeed, this is nothing but a power struggle between the modern servants of the British financial oligarchy. An intent by both sides, the petty bourgeois labour politicians on the one hand and the petty bourgeois trade union bureaucrats on the other, to demonstrate to their masters their political importance as pacifiers, modifiers, regulators, of the political beast that is the British working class, and the danger Its political unification within the Labour Party holds for the British establishment.

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