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03/07/2015 by socialistfight

Every time the class struggle reaches revolutionary proportions in Greece the KKE betray. In 1944 they disarmed to the British after the Athens massacre. In the Civil War they slaughtered the Trotskyists and their own members who wanted revolution in order to maintain Stalin’s pact with Roosevelt and Churchill. The entered popular front governments with right wing bourgeois forces to save capitalism, they destroyed the 2010-2012 mobilisations by protecting the parliament in alliance with the police in October 21 2011, thereby splitting the movement and demoralising it.

But they lead militant workers, they cannot be ignored or simply denounced. The demand that Syria expell ANEL and form a workers’ government with the KKE will appeal to their supporters even if they do not agree. And if the ANEL minister of defence starts shooting workers then that demand could have a real impact.


K.Maragos | Avantgarde | translation: PanPap


Bourgeois reaction issuing call to arms

With each passing hour, the bourgeois reaction is escalating its counterattack. Prominent members of the pro-memorandum right and center-left are all over the mass media (media that belong to the shipowners and other big capitalists who have been preying on the country for decades, that survive based on state-subsidies) screaming in terror because the 1.7 billion Euros to the IMF was not paid. Their identification with the usurers lenders is bordering on ludicrosity. Supposedly productive associations, employer organizations, professional chambers, mayors and prefects, farmers federations, what remains of GSEE (General Congress of Greek Workers), intellectuals who previously supported a Keynesian-style management and singers are roaring in favour of a last-minute compromise, calling at the same time for a YES vote on Sunday – a yes to eternal austerity and the crushing of the subordinate classes.

Anyone who does not…

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