Is Russia imperialist? A reply to Roger Annis and Sam Williams

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31/12/2014 by socialistfight

Former Stalinist leftist Louis Proyect pays his homage to Wall Street as do many more on this thread. We do not have to believe Putin is anything other than a corrupt bourgeois nationalists and likewise so are many of the leaders of the Donbass. Nevertheless the main enemy of all humanity is US finance capital and its NATO allies, however reluctant they are they have no choice but to accept the diktats of the global hegemon.
Of course neither Russia not China are imperialist powers, Annis is fundamentally correct in that, they cannot bring states to their knees like the IMF and World bank has done, particularly since 1973 and increasing so since the collapse of the USSR in 1990. And Russia itself is now being brought to its knees by the US with the assistance of the Saudis. Proyect grovels to his own ruling class, as several other do here.
And of course uncritical support for Russia, China and the BRICS is wrong; a revolutionary perspective is needed defend the working class and their militant representatives, fight for the world revolution, the vision that rocked the planet in 1917.
And learn from the tactics of the United Front and the Anti Imperialist United Front of the revolutionary Comintern (up to its Fourth Congress in 1922). The United Front said “with the TU bureaucracy when they fight the capitalists strike against them independently when the sell out.
Similarly with every anti-imperialist struggle, left by Ataturk, Gaddafi, Assad or the Donbass, with them when they are fighting the main enemy, US/EU Nato, but mobilising the working class independently against they when they sell out. So we are politically conscious enough not to make the Comintern mistake that led to the Shanghai Massacre of 1927. Or we might look at the same method in operation on the Donbass today in demanding the release of the Borotba Four:

Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Hideki Tojo: he anticipated Vladimir Putin

On June 18th Truthout published an article by Canadian socialist Roger Annis titled The Russia as “Imperialist” Thesis Is Wrong and a Barrier to Solidarity With the Ukrainian and Russian People that is an extended polemic against a view he describes as follows:

More deeply, the empirical, economic and political evidence disproves the claims of Russia as “imperialist.”

The role of finance capital is the benchmark of any measure of the core nature of a capitalist country. In Russia, it is nothing resembling that of the imperialist countries. It’s the state, not finance capital, which plays the overriding, directing role in Russia’s economy. The state happens to own much of the vaunted oil and gas industries; so too in finance and much of manufacturing. The CIA Factbook explains some of the consequences thusly: “The protection of property rights is still weak and the…

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