Have the PKK really changed or found a new way to capitulate to imperialism?


02/11/2014 by socialistfight

An excellent comment on this pathetic apology for capitulation in the article below that Ocalan is engaged in today:

Kurds in Istanbul wave banners depicting PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan

Kurds in Istanbul wave banners depicting PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, who said the ceasefire was an ‘historical call’. Photograph: Burhan Ozbilici/AP

Someone from TR with a clue August 18, 2014 at 20:20
The “PKK as Bookchinite anarchists” story is a little fantastic. This is a movement that maintains the hierarchical command structure with a leadership cult (Abdullah Öcalan, in prison) on all serious, overarching issues. It is also authoritarian and hegemonic in its strongholds, it does not tolerate rival left-wing organizing in its own areas of strength, not to mention any alternative Kurdish nationalist movements (the PKK wiped those out in the 80′s). The PKK is engaged in a “peace process” with AKP’s Erdogan, who has shed all pretense to “moderate Islam” and “conservative democrat” in favor of autocratic rule, after the 2013 June Gezi protests and the 2013 December graft scandal.

He is now presedent-elect and in motion to rule Turkey forever, Putin-Medvedev style, and is open about his aims to change the Turkish constituion to concentrate executive power in the President instead of the PM. This is to happen after the 2015 general elections, if the AKP can get the 2/3 super majority seats. The legal wing of the PKK, the BDP (now DBP) has gathered around itself the most soft-on-AKP left-liberal sections of the socialist left (among more respectable authoritarian socialist parties) under yet another umbrella organization called HDP. The HDP party has a very ambigous program of localism and populism and is for sure NOT anti-capitalist. The HDP presedential candidate recently was on TV claiming he has no issue with fortunes that are “legitimately earned” (referring to Erdogan’s corruption). And by the way, HDP leaders’ attitudes to the Gezi protests went from distanced in the heat of the moment, to lukewarm after the movement died down, at best. Even the graft probe were seen by HDP leaders as “a coup against Erdogan”. On these crucial issues, the PKK/BDP/HDP shy away from upsetting their dictatorial negotiation partner, Erdogan.

The gist of PKK politics is a lot of talk about the grassroots, values of multiculturalism and other liberal niceities (lots of GLBT-talk too) that are then instrumentalized for an overarching nationalist project, that has swithed its strategic goal from independence to co-optation into the Turkish State and rapprochement with Barzani’s Iraqi Kurdistan, which has also developed tremendous economic and political ties to Turkey. In fact along with Israel, Turkey is ready to greenlight full Iraqi Kurdistan independence, the possibility of which paradoxically is advanced by the emergence of ISIS which has put the Baghdad regime to shame. The end game of this regional imperialist power-game is an alliance of Turkey and Iraqi Kurds and Kurdish oil flowing to Western markets over Turkish pipelines (to caricaturize the situation). The picture is blurred by the fuckup that is Turkish policy towards Esad, and the progressive demands of the PKK base that I doubt Erdogan will ever fulfill.

If you believe PKK-led forces in Turkey are about to put in place libertarian municipalism and “democratic modernity”, you have another think coming. And watch out for an Erdogan sellout of the peace process if he consolidates his personal dictatorship next year (and heaven forbid he pushes that constitution change through with support of HDP MP votes).
The Syrian sister organization PYD could be a little better, I am not very knowledgeable.
All this is aside the positive role played by these forces against the ISIS threat.

My Response to this:
Someone from TR with a clue:

What an excellent response to the pro-imperialist tripe in the article.

As if we could all live in a world of our own making, constructed within our own heads, and the decision of the finance houses of Wall Street did not dominate the planet and consign the Kurdish worker and peasant to penury by the push of a button or the clock of a mouse, as if we could escape this reality by pretending it did not exist and forge the relationships described here; peace process based on the sell out of Gerry Adams and Nelson Mandela which produced a few miserable crumbs for their followers and the elimination of conjunctional opponents.

Well done Someone from TR with a clue for keeping our feet on the ground, identifying the real enemies of humanities’ oppressed masses and accurately identifying their agents. A force for liberation, an alliance with the US and Israel a la Barzani – who stupid do you think we all are?


As the prospect of Kurdish independence becomes ever more imminent, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party transforms itself into a force for radical democracy.

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