Constitution of the Grass Roots Left (GRL) as amended at the Conference of 5 November 2011

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Constitution of the Grass Roots Left (GRL) as amended at the Conference of 5 November 2011

  1. Preamble

The Grass Roots Left aims to build a rank and file movement in our union controlled by its members themselves. All those elected as representatives of the Grass Roots Left are obliged to uphold its platform, constitution and policy documents, and we offer our support only to those who do, and continue to do so.

  1. Platform

a) For regular elections and right to recall of all officials and reps, who shall be paid no more than the average wage of those they represent, for democratic control of the union from the bottom up.
b) For rank and file control over all negotiations and industrial action through mass meetings and elected strike organising committees.
c) For militant action and strikes and occupations, to stop all cuts – with the backing of the officials when possible, without them where necessary, for recognition and strike pay for ‘unofficial’ strikes.
d) For defiance of the anti-union laws, wherever they are invoked to prevent workers’ action, for solidarity strike action with any group of workers or union that is prosecuted under these undemocratic laws.
e) For the right of the rank and file to veto all management decisions and workers’ control over all aspects of production, including hiring and firing, for workers’ control over and nationalisation without compensation of all firms sacking workers in the interests of profit.

f) For a mass unionisation drive, drawing migrant workers, casual, part-time, low-paid workers, self-employed, pensioners and the unemployed into the trade unions, against immigration checks and raids, papers for all and freedom of movement: no one is illegal.
g) for the right of all women, black, lesbian, gay, transgender, disabled, migrant and undocumented workers to caucus in the trade unions and voice their own demands, against any discrimination at work, fascists out of the unions and off our streets.
h) For a rank and file movement, across unite and the whole trade union movement, for cross-European and global rank and file organisation, for joint action and solidarity with like-minded organisations, for industrial unionism and the democratisation of the labour movement.

Minority Movement and early industrial activities


  1. Members

a) The GRL shall include as members all those who accept the platform of the GRL, which may be amended at conference.

b) Members shall be required to make a nominal financial donation to the GRL on an annual basis, if necessary at conference itself, and are encouraged to donate more frequently.
c) All union officials and employees are entitled to be members and shall have a voice but no vote in the meetings of the group, until such time as they are elected.
d) Local and sector GRL groups have complete freedom and authority to determine their own organisational and campaigning priorities where this does not contravene the constitution of the national organisation.
e) The national committee shall have the power to discipline any member it deems to have breached the constitution. Disciplined members shall have the absolute right to appeal to the conference, and to have their appeal circulated to all other members prior to conference.

  1. Conference is sovereign over all other bodies in the GRL

Conference shall:

a) Take place at least once annually, convened either by the national committee or by request by petition of 10% of all members to the national committee including a summary of business proposed for discussion, with due notice and the option of a pooled fare to be provided to all members by the national committee.
b) Elect a national committee for the GRL.
c) Elect a chair, secretary and treasurer as officers, or public representatives of the organisation, including members of the national committee.
d) Take all decisions and pass all resolutions by majority vote, except amendments to the constitution, which require a two thirds vote.

  1. National committee is elected by members at conference and shall:

a) Act as a ‘collective leadership’ or national decision-making body between conferences, leading national initiatives aimed at winning the base of the ‘broad lefts’ to the principles of rank and file organisation, and considering proposals from all members on how best to further those objectives.
b) Implement national policy agreed by conference by a majority of no less than 51%, and be responsible for the organisation of national events, ensuring that all members shall receive at least 14 days notice of the conference, and 7 days notice of other events.
c) Aim to meet for one day each month, convening as determined by the previous national committee, and operating a pooled fare scheme to allow all elected members to attend.
d) Be completely transparent and open to all members as observers but will take votes only on the basis of those elected at conference to serve on the national committee.
e) Facilitate the creation and maintenance of a national egroup that will allow all members who choose to participate to share information with all other participants of the egroup upon request. It will be subject to moderation for inappropriate behaviour and spam by moderators chosen by the national committee.
f) Maintain a copy of the registered membership and national contact list, and facilitate the creation of and communication between as many new local and sector GRL groups as possible.
g) See that officers operate under its jurisdiction.







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