Why brave is better than hard

09/08/2014 by socialistfight

On the SWP and Polar Bears:
No-one is braver than the woman who leaves a partner who has been violent in order to bring up a child in poverty. Hardness is a virtue in managers not in those who are managed, it is a positive attribute in the worst of men. Hardness is the boaster’s vision of how he looks when he tells stories about his own bravery.

The French revolution gave even the children of the royal family a second chance – sending them to be educated as cobblers. It was their social strength, their victory, which made them magnanimous. The hardness with which the revolutionaries celebrated this recent accident is a sign only of their deep impotence.

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There is a story told about a friend that in the aftermath of the Martin Smith rape scandal he was invited onto a left group’s disputes committee. The young chair gathered the comrades together with an anxious greeting to the effect that they should disclose if they had ever been involved in a complaint. Most had not; one committee member had sat on a student union panel. “Well, I have to admit, I’ve been subject to complaints”, my friend began. “There was the two years I served for ABH. I’ve done time for GBH, and, of course, attempted murder…”

The friend is one of the kindest and best people I have ever met on the left. He is physically brave (there was the time that he broke a fascist’s nose, midway through that BNP member’s evidence in the Magistrate’s Court). And he is politically brave: at the start of the Rees-German leadership of the SWP, he campaigned…

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