Fascists routed in Cricklewood By Ella Downing

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The Leader of Brent ouncil, a Labour party Perspective Parliamentary candidate and various local lunemeries and activists saw off the fash from Cricklewood

Saturday19 July saw seven members of the South East Alliance (SEA) walk, with heavy police protection, from Kilburn Station towards Cricklewood where they stood in a pen, and were confronted by at least 300 anti-fascists. They were utterly humiliated, didn’t reach their target (an empty shop front) and were turned back early.

This follows on the heels of last month’s march by the SEA along the same route where forty-five turned up and were turned away in a relatively short period of time, out-numbered approximately three to one. Previously members of the insipid Britain First, so adept at getting innocents to share their internet memes, showed up in Cricklewood, and were likewise outnumbered.

So the pattern is clear, the third time round we has about forty-five locals for every one angry Essex man; every time the far-right attempt a show of strength the outcry from the local community is trebled. On the day we were joined by trade union representatives, councillors, parliamentary candidates, a wicked samba band named Rhythms of Resistance and even the parish vicar. We saw the local community at its very best, pouring out onto the street to raucous cries of ‘Alerta! Alert! Anti-fascista!’ and ‘Nazi-scum, off our streets’. We were particularly glad to welcome a Polish contingent of anti-fascists, toting banners and justifiable rage.

At one point a police officer, of which there were many, was heard to say ‘Those SEA could all go home in the same taxi’- a slogan quickly taken up by the Anti-Fa. The policing operation must have cost a fortune, and we are hopeful that next time these dim-wits apply to march their seven sorry selves down our street the police will simply refuse them permission, and after Saturday they won’t dare show their faces in Cricklewood without police protection.

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