Picket of the Irish Embassy; Political status for Irish POWs, Justice for the Craigavon Two 17 Grosvenor Place London SW1X 7HR, 29/05/14

17/06/2014 by socialistfight

Picket of the Irish Embassy; Political status for Irish POWs, Justice for the Craigavon Two 17 Grosvenor Place London SW1X 7HR, 29/06/14

(The PDF wrongly says 29/05/14, instead of 29/06/14)

“Today the British appeal court made a shocking decision in the case of Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton (The Craigavon Two) by dismissing their appeals against their life sentence convictions for the killing of PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll in 2009.
The Justice for the Craigavon Two Group firmly believe this decision by the appeal court judges is a political one and not one based on the facts of the case. Regardless of this decision the fact remains there is no credible evidence linking Brendan or John Paul to the shooting of Stephen Carroll, this assertion is fully supported by a large number of leading legal and human rights experts.
This decision has been a hammer blow for Brendan and John Paul the McConville and Wootton Families and for everyone who has campaigned for and supported the fight for Justice for Craigavon Two. But today’s decision has only hardened our resolve in recommitting ourselves and redouble our efforts to pursue an end to this miscarriage of justice, bringing this case to a successful conclusion; the full exoneration of Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton.
It seems the judicial system in the north is inherently corrupted, incapable of rectifying this most blatant of injustices and therefore we will rely on the public, which this system claims to protect to rectify these wrongs.
We call on the public to view the facts of this case, to look past today’s public whitewash (imposed by the British State and its agencies) and rally to the cause of justice and human rights by supporting the call for Justice for the Craigavon Two.”





Statement from Gerry Conlon on political decision to intern Craigavon Two for life
Gerry Conlon spent 15 years wrongfully imprisoned, Guildford Four case, conviction quashed in 1989
“Just heard that the government judges have upheld the convictions of the Craigavon Two. It is an appalling decision in light of the new evidence and witnesses that were called on behalf of Brendan and John Paul. Anyone who attended the appeal hearing was struck by the compelling new evidence and the forcefulness of the new witnesses.
What we have seen today is nothing short of disgraceful and a complete whitewash by the judiciary in order to protect corrupt and dishonest elements within the police. The case of the Craigavon Two will not fade away as is hoped by the establishment but it will continue until justice is done and seen to be done.
Those politicians who claim to represent and speak for nationalist, republicans and the working class should be outraged by this judgement, they now have an opportunity to voice their concern and outrage at this blatant injustice.”

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