Anti-Imperialist Struggle is STILL Key to human Liberation by Gerry Downing

14/04/2014 by socialistfight

Bogus “Trotskyists” Mike Pearn, Jim Monaghan and Liam Mac Uaid are crass pro-Imperialist propagandists. Their bitterest complaint is not that Imperialism is funding and arming the Syrian “rebels” but that they are not funding them enough and not giving them the weapons you think they deserve. You and your co-thinkers would be located somewhere to the right of the Tea Party in US politics.

Poor old Obama and Cameron are somewhat hamstrung by popular opposition to Imperialist adventures; Cameron lost his vote in the House of Commons and Obama was facing defeat in the House of Representatives.

Now if we had the regimes in Britain and the USA you objectively favour, i.e. far right or fascist dictatorships, then there would be no problem with bombing Syria, arming rebels to the teeth and going to war on Ukraine and on to WWIII to secure more favourable areas for the investments for their transnational and win domination over defeated workers like in the Eastern Ukraine and Russia to exploit to the hilt.

This is what really drives your support for Obama and Cameron, which you cannot admit even to yourselves, lost in your petty bourgeois humanitarian haze of “peace, love democracy, decency” etc and whatever else that does not relate to real anti-Imperialist class politics.

Sorry to disappoint you but you have some way to go before you can put your Imperialist war mongering agenda, which you so ridiculously dub “revolutions” in political lockstep with Imperialism, into practice.

Of course when real revolutions breaks out you are on the wrong side of the barricades; in Bosnia you try to re-run your previous pro-Imperialist apology which made Milosevic the main enemy (the local nationalists are the main enemy yet again, will you never learn?) and in the Ukraine you are on the side of US/EU/NATO Imperialism and their puppets, the fascist-dominated coupists of the Maidan (a “contradictory” movement, forsooth, some red flags etc!).

It should be obvious to even the most naive political person that a movement is defined by who dominates it politically and programmatically not by the idiots who wanted to tag along and got beaten up for their pro-Imperialist stupidity.

And, of course, we would be well advised to watch our backs politically in the process because all these forces are willing to compromise with Imperialism when they obtain more favourable terms.
It should go without saying that opposition to global-USA-led world Imperialism does not imply uncritical or political support for all its opponents but it does imply a tactical United Front, workers in the Imperialist countries and anti-Imperialist in the semi-colonial world to face the main enemy.

Only in this way will we gat the ear of the masses, who instinctively identify the main enemy (remember the  Iranian Revolution 1979 and the “Great Satan” war cry with which the Iranian masses identified the USA, albeit in religious terms?) and win the base of left TU bureaucrats in Imperialist countries that of local bourgeois nationalist like Gaddafi, Assad or Putin or anti Imperialist Islamic forces like Hezbollah in the semi-colonial world.

Only on this basis of clear anti-Imperialism can the global working class unite all its forces under revolutionary Trotskyism and a reforged Fourth International.
Leon Trotsky, Anti-Imperialist Struggle is Key to Liberation, An Interview with Mateo Fossa, (September 1938).



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