Free Stephen Murney, Irish Political Prisoner

15/02/2014 by socialistfight

irspgFree Stephen Murney, Irish Political Prisoner

Stephen Murney faces the second day of his trial today in Newry in the British occupied north of Ireland today. He was arrested on 1 December 2012 and the BBC then reported: Stephen Martin Murney, from Derrybeg Terrace in the city, was charged with collecting and distributing information likely to be of use to terrorists.The 29-year-old was also charged with having articles likely to be of use to terrorists. Now, after over thirteen months held in remand in Maghaberry his trial can only be described as a legal farce.Irish Political PrisonerWhere are the staunch defenders of civil Liberties in far flung China or Putin’s Russia? For Pussy Riot they will chain themselves to railings but for this far more immediate and terrible threat to everyone’s civil liberties they are silent? Where are the fearless champions of distant oppression? The lefty lawyers and QCs, Mansfield, Bill Bowering etc– I suspect Garret Pierce is doing what she can?

Where are the fearless press jurnos who can tell us what those terrible tyrants Gadaffi and Assad are doing (when it suits the war agenda) or how the secret services of the US and Britain are spying on the whole world but cannot spare a moment for the north of Ireland: Alan Rusbridger, Robert Fisk, Seumas Milne et al? A campaign on this which threatens us all please gentlemen? And the British left and far left parties, The Morning Star and the Socialist Party – too frightened of alienating those decent Loyalist folk, as ever?

Or the SWP and all its splits – probably Eamonn McCann is doing his best but Alex Callinicos, Charlie Kimber and all their ‘ex’s’: Lindsey German, John Rees, Chris Banbury, Richard Seymour et al – has Ken Loach been asked to help?

We all know what his real “crime” is – he is a republican socialist who is a leader of an organisation, Éirígí, which campaigns for Republican POWs , the “items of use the terrorists” are flyers doing just that, the case against him is his own facebook pages below.Irish Political PrisonerWhen we hear of a “terrorist” trial we expect there is something “in it” that we haven’t been told yet, shocking revelations on the first day; the bomb-making den, the CCTV evidence, the DNA and fingerprints at the scene of the crime etc. But what’s “in it” at the “crime scene” can be viewed below, his Facebook page!!! If these convict we are all guilty, several thousand of us, who have similar images on our computers – I would say that includes most of the people who read this.

The hypocrisy of the two-tier justice system, the one for the “mainland” and the other for the opponents of British rule in the north of Ireland must be challenged now. Because “they came for the Jews but I wasn’t a Jew…” will get us all. Fight


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