Picket of Belmarsh Prison for John Downey


29/07/2013 by socialistfight

Irish Republican Prisoners Support Group
Picket of Belmarsh Prison for John Downey

IRPSGOn 19 May 2013, 61-year-old John Anthony Downey was charged with murder in relation to the Hyde Park bomb and intending to cause an explosion likely to endanger life.

Sinn Fein described the arrest as “vindictive, unnecessary and unhelpful” to the peace process. Sinn Fein Assembly Member Gerry Kelly said: “The decision to arrest and charge him in relation to IRA activities in the early 1980s is vindictive, unnecessary and unhelpful. It will cause anger within the republican community. Clearly, if John Downey had been arrested and convicted previously he would have been released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.”

The Pensive Quill commented on his blog: “The prosecution of John Downey presents Sinn Fein with greater difficulties than the internment of either Marian Price or Martin Corey even though both are being held on foot of activity they committed as Provisional IRA volunteers prior to the GFA. The party faithful who could afford to ignore the arrests of republicans – sure they are just dissidents anyway – are now confronted with the prosecutors calling at their door too. It is too late for the party leaders to begin thinking Pastor Niemoller might have had a point.” – Prosecuting John Downey The Pensive Quill

Thursday 15 August, 2.30 Belmarsh Prison, Western Way, Thamesmead, London, Greater London SE28 0EB
Nearest Station: Plumstead, North Kent line (15 Minute walk) Buses: 53, 96, 99, 122, 177, 180, 244, 380, 422, 469, 472,


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  1. No sooner had we called the picket and publicised than they let him out on bail! They caved in, we are claiming!


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