Stop The War: Demonstrate Against Drones – Saturday 27th April

12/04/2013 by socialistfight

No DronesFrom Stop the War: Demonstrate against Drones – Saturday 27th April.
Groups from across the UK, including CND, War on Want, the Drone Campaign Network and Stop the War, are mobilising later this month to respond to a new threat that the War on Terror now poses. From this Spring, push-button warfare will have a new home as the UK will begin controlling their armed Reaper drones from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.

Drones turn the whole world into a battlefield where nowhere is safe. Far away from any front the US uses drones to assassinate those it sees as threats to its security and interests, choosing to ignore international law and international condemnation. But drones are also expanding the battlefield even within conflict zones, as politicians and military commanders have such faith in the perceived accuracy of these unmanned systems that they are much more willing to use them in civilian areas. In short drones are ‘normalising’ war and simply making war more likely.

Join us to demand the government abandons drones as weapons of war. To find out where the march to RAF Waddington will begin, and for more information about the campaign against drones, visit the Stop the War web site.Join Socialist Fight

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