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    09/12/2013 by socialistfight

    workers power, workers, power, trotsky, fourth, international, the, wp, britain, london, anti-capitalist, initiative, socialist, party, group, revolutionary, party, Michel Pablo, Germain, Lambert, and, james p Cannon, Stalinism, league, for, the, fifth, communist, rcp, workers, internationalist, wil, rcit, rkob, tendancy, organisation, of liberation, austria, gerry healy, swp, wrp, liaison, committee, for, the, ibt, bolshevik,

  2. Mick McNair’s Rethinking Imperialism: An Open Letter To The CPGB (Communist Party Of Great Britain)

    11/10/2013 by socialistfight

    Mick McNair, Rethinking Imperialism, WW 980, weekly worker, Imperialism, Communist Party Of Great Britain, communist, party, depression, surrey, socialist, resistence, lenin, anti, anti-capitalist, london, east, south, west, north, guildford, trade, union, len McCluskey, Bob Crow, gerry downing, socialist fight, fight, national bourgeoisie, semi-oppressed, Imperialist, united front, united, left, aiuf, trotsky, Diego Rivera ,

  3. Michael Campbell Freed After Arms Plot Conviction Overturned.

    05/10/2013 by socialistfight

    agreement, annual, anti-capitalist, association, committee, conference, friday, gfa, good, group, initiative, internment, irish, irpsg, labour, license, lrc, Maghaberry Agreement, Martin Corey, Michael Campbell, network, party, poa, POW, prison officers, prisoners, representation, republican, Six Counties, SOCIALIST, socialist fight, stourmount, support, ulster, workers

  4. Labour Representation Committee Annual Conference: Socialist Fight Motion On Syria

    29/09/2013 by socialistfight

    socialist, fight, party, workers, labour, representation, committee, annual, conference, syria, obama, united, states, assad, Islamist militias, fsa, lrc, free, syrian, army, anti-capitalist, initiative, anti-imperialist, britain, france, syrian, national, army, london, east, west, south, north, surrey, guildford,

  5. Labour Representation Committee Annual Conference: Irish Republican Prisoners Support Group

    29/09/2013 by socialistfight

    labour, representation, committee, annual, conference, lrc, irish, republican, prisoners, support, group, irpsg, socialist fight, socialist, party, network, initiative, workers, anti-capitalist, pow, Maghaberry Agreement , stourmount, gfa, good, friday, agreement, ulster, six counties, Michael Campbell, Michael Campbell, Martin Corey, license, internment, POA, prison officers, association

  6. The Epigones Destroy Trotsky’s International 1940-1953: A Reply To Workers Power

    25/09/2013 by socialistfight

    workers power, socialist fight, the death agony of the fourth international, liaison committee for the fourth international, league for the fifth, international, lfi, lcfi, trotsky, Laurence Humphries, rcit, revolutionary communist international tendency, Michael Pröbsting, rkob, revolutionary, Revolutionary Communist Organization for Liberation, communist, workers, group, swp, party, sp, london, south, anti-capitalist, network, initiative, international, austria, east, west, north, gerry healey, the club, wrp, workers revolutionary party, rcp, stalin, ted grant, tony cliff,

  7. The Veil, the courts, Imperialism and the rise of Islamophobia: A Marxist analysis.

    23/09/2013 by socialistfight

    the, veil, imperialism, marxist, peter murphy, islam, muslim, women, opression, legal, nick clegg, theresa may, france, europe, Jack Straw, Labour, britain, socialist, fight, party, communist, liaison, committee, for, fourth, international, left, unity, and, anti-capitalist, initiative, south, east, north, west, london, coalition, against, cuts, resistance, platform,

  8. The Rights of Nations to Self-determination: Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Basque Country, Catalonia and Spain.

    21/09/2013 by socialistfight

    The, Rights, of, Nations, to, Self-determination, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Spain, national, revolutionary, nationalist, scottish, anti-capitalist, britain, british, communist, empire, loyalist, republican, north, ireland, marxist, orange, state, Portugal, Hispanic Socialist Federation, Castile, Andalucía, Galicia, socialist, fight, party, workers, north, london, ease, west, south, group, initiative, liaison committee for the fourth international

  9. Stop The War: Demonstrate Against Drones – Saturday 27th April

    12/04/2013 by socialistfight

    stop the war no drones anti anti-drones cnd campaign for nuclear dissarmament london east south north west socialist fight party workers network internatinal anti-capitalist initiative iraq afghanistan on want

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WRP Explosion

WRP Explosion