Rojava—US imperialism is the main enemy; critical support for the Kurdish anarchostalinists

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23/06/2021 by socialistfight

This question arises again now.

Socialist Fight


 The whole world is talking about us Kurdish women

Comment by Gerry Downing

The Kurdish PYD/YPG (the political wing, the Democratic Union Party, PYD, the military, the People’s Protection Units, YPG) in Rojova, the Syrian Kurdish enclave, is allied with the US and others in this war. However they ‘forget’ that the US supports Turkey bombing them and the PKK (Turkish Kurds military wing) and agrees with Turkish President Erdogan that they cannot cross the Euphrates to cut Isis supply routes at Jarabulus.

The US were granted the full use of the Incirlik Air Base in reward. Turkey is a strategic ally of the US, the YPG is merely a temporary and opportunist ally, to be abandoned as soon as it is expedient.

This statement by the PYD is apparently enormously politically naive:

“By doing this (bombing the PKK/YPG) Turkey has not only encouraged the (Isis) gangs to…

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