UFCLP Statement on the Storming of the Congress: Don’t be Shocked, Organize! Workers’ United Front against Fascism!


07/01/2021 by socialistfight

This is the correct political approach. We could sign this.

Committee for Labor Party

Fascists marching with a Dixie flag into the Capitol, Washington DC

Fascist Trump supporters demanded that Trump be declared president again, even though he lost the popular vote. An all-white regiment of men armed to their teeth marched into DC and stormed Congress to stage an outright coup. The photos taken from the scene of the crime speak volumes. The aggressors meant business; they were carrying automatic guns, ropes and handcuffs to take hostages, and Dixie flags with “Trump is President” inscriptions. There are also photos of the police opening the gate and encircling the gunmen to protect them against… arrests by other policemen!

Within a few hours of the siege on Congress, right-wing paramilitary gangs in other states such as Oregon and Kansas took it to the streets. There is no way that the FBI and other security agencies were oblivious to plans of violence by the Facists on…

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3 thoughts on “UFCLP Statement on the Storming of the Congress: Don’t be Shocked, Organize! Workers’ United Front against Fascism!

  1. Viriato says:

    An article similar to the one published by the WSWS website but which I find hard to swallow.
    Of course, I don’t know the situation in the US and the press doesn’t report much about these events.
    On the other hand, thenbourgeois are shouting over their heads, an unequivocal sign that it hurt them very much.
    Even so, in the press and/or on TV I have not seen armed people or all the fuss that the author of this paper is alarmed about.

    I have written my impressions taking into account what I experienced during the Yellow Vest movement and the repercussions of our actions in the press. Pure distortion and slander.

    I may be wrong, but it’s good to see all those MPs under the table and the desecration of bourgeois institutions: the people can invest parliaments and scare the representatives of the bourgeoisie.

    So I am sending you my first draft and I await your critical comments.

    “The Vestals desecrated.

    I’m not going to cover my head with ashes or tear my clothes, but I’m going to try to understand what happened on 6 January in the US parliament.

    Well, the doors were open, there were almost no police and the demonstrators, many of whom were from the extreme right, were called by Trump to demonstrate against the “electoral fraud” that got Biden elected.

    So they entered the Capitol, where they ransacked a few desks, put the deputies under the tables (a tradition in this type of event), walked disoriented, sat in the deputies’ chairs, and after seeing one of their own shot by the police, went home with or without, it is not clear, Trump’s call.

    If those who had called the meeting had been leftists or, as some claim, Yellow Vests, they would have met with the National Guard, and the American equivalent of the CRS, the sinister BAC, helicopters, snipers, and much more.

    The political impact, like all political impacts, is a function of who benefits from it. This explains the violent media campaign that was unleashed against the “attack” on “democracy, institutions” and other reactionary walls of containment.

    The problem is that institutions are no longer, for many people, anything other than “the system” that allows all kinds of turpitude against the vast majority of the population. Since the decline in living and working conditions, unemployment, degraded and very expensive health care and education, the “Rust Belt” etc. Not to mention the insolent enrichment and moral decay of the “elites”.

    And this in all countries.

    If there have been Yellow Vests, it is because there is a deep economic, political and moral crisis of capitalism.

    If there is no solution for the moment, it is because there is no social and popular political alternative to the countless problems that weigh on the people.

    But this does not mean that people are not concerned and are not looking for a way to solve these problems.

    So, lack of bread they try cake, i.e. spontaneous movements and more or less demagogic leaders or, as the supporters of the Status Quo call them, “populists”, appear.

    Trump is one of them. Today he claims that his election has been stolen. This is not new in the United States – remember the vote in the state of Florida when Busch Jr. was elected?

    In fact, Biden has 7 million more votes than Trump, but the totally undemocratic U.S. electoral system allows anyone to win with fewer votes.

    It’s a fact that the US and the global establishment have been against Trump from the beginning (they were already anticipating a much sharper confrontation against China, Russia and Iran if H. Clinton had been elected) and that fraud is not something that cannot be done or planned.

    It is also unclear why the independent election review commission that Trump requested was not formed.

    It is also understandable that the vast majority of people around the world distrust the “Mainstream” media, which grossly manipulates public opinion to the point that the fable of “Peter and the Wolf” can be compared to it. Even when they tell the truth, nobody believes them anymore.

    Thus posed, it was not strange that the demonstrators, who had found every facility for entering, go inside the Capitol, the symbol of what they hated, should have abstained of it.

    Some journalists in France spoke of the resemblance to the Yellow Vests. One thing is a spontaneous movement, at the beginning without any political affiliation, and another is the “little whites” who are said to be extreme right-wing, manipulated by Trump.

    However, there are some similarities. They are both of popular origin, both are fed up with the “system”, both are made up mostly of poor people who no longer “believe” in bourgeois parliaments, both have popular demands. And at the beginning, sometimes, demands mixed with the absurd ideas of the extreme right. Not always, in other countries turned upside down by this kind of world movement style Yellow Vest, the demands have been very left-wing, see Chile.

    In France, even if present at the beginning, the facist were quickly neutralised or expelled and the movement drifted to the left. The organised GJs ended up calling for the end of capitalism.

    And all the spontaneous movements, for the same economic and social reasons that brought them to the forefront, despite their original ideas, can only tend, will tend towards the left. Their very struggle against the bourgeois state, against its police and its institutions pushes it inexorably to the left. Naturally to really achieve this turn a worker’s party is needed.

    The proletarians affected by the crisis are no longer the supporters of the institutions of imperialist capitalism, they cannot be and if by absence of their own parties they get lost for a while, it cannot last long.

    And the bourgeois know it. This is the fundamental fault of Trump and the populists, their reckless adventurism is only a straw fire that can bring about a major social fire, worse, a real revolution. Don’t wake up the beast that sleeps!.

    Trump’s retreat, pushed by the whole bourgeois camp, is logical because he too is a man of the system, a defender of imperialist capitalism. He also fears the legal consequences of his adventurism. His attitude, far from a true fascist leader, even a true populist one, will cool down his followers.

    Interestingly, Madame Le Pen also criticized Trump with the Establishment, putting himself on the side of the institutions. Already during the Yellow Vests, she had called for a slow down under the pretext of Christmas celebrations. The terrible “populist leaders” recoil in terror when they see the deprived classes revolting more or less seriously. Whatever their ideas.

    All of this will make some of their supporters think, who should see their “leaders” stand united with the “system” and perhaps see the logic embedded in this kind of phenomenon, above all social, anti-capitalist, which can only lead them to the left if there are organisations and parties that understand where they are going in these situations. The problem is that there are none.

    So the Capitol has only “suffered” from a disoriented visit by the “little whites” who will leave a few political lessons and nothing else.
    The first is that “institutions” are institutions as long as people are willing to endure them. Capitol Hill, like any parliament, can be stormed.
    Two, “populist leaders” are sissies who can’t hold out.
    Third, the social question, the problems of the rebels, cannot be solved by relying on such “leaders” but by a very own resolute struggle.
    Four, without proper planning, organisation and leadership, spontaneous movements look like bad jokes (farcicals).
    Five, elections only served to elect the representative of the bourgeoisie that for a few years will organize the exploitation of majorities (but that was already known) and that today, these elections can be rigged at will with the support of a “press” totally at the service of the system.

    Finally, whether Biden’s triumph, fraud or not, prepares, with the help of his allies, including Macron, the entire state apparatus and the press at his service, an even more repressive internal policy and a very bellicose external policy or outright war against Iran, China and Russia (if Russia doesn’t capitulate first).

    We’re not out of the woods yet.”


  2. Viriato says:

    Sorry, but I find this https://www.marxist.com/trumps-insurrection-chaos-us.htm much better.

    The hysteria around à “coup d’état” is just preposterous. A “coup” made by those farsical disguised men? Without the participation of the military, the police, the institutions, politicians, not in the whole country ? A joke. I have seen better prepared “coups” than that. . A coup made in the country who prepare “color revolutions” all over the world? Who are the world specialists of “coups d’état” ? A farce.

    Just an aventurous move by a Trump that failed miserably and give his enemies, who feared his continuancy as a political figure, the means to put him down for a moment. As to think that he has fall as a child in a prepared “provocation”.


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