Renegades from Trotskyism, Stephen Hawking and the Big Bang

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28/12/2020 by socialistfight

If Stephen Hawking wanted to prove the nonexistent of God why did the Pope give him such honours and why did he grovel to him in that disgusting way he did?

Socialist Fight

By Gerry Downing 26-3-18


The death of Stephen Hawking on 14 March involved this author in four separate Facebook debates. Many comments were simply ignorant attacks on the me for having the gall to attack the conclusions of the great scientist, some sneering bigots who were open renegades from Trotskyism, former comrades who wanted to ingratiate themselves with the capitalist establishment via Labour reformism to enhance future career prospects by attacking revolutionary Trotskyism.

Nick DaviesNick Davies, very reformist Labour Councillor on the City and County Swansea  

Nick Davies, an old comrade who became a reformist renegade

That list includes Nick Davies, formerly of the Workers Socialist League and the Revolutionary Internationalist League, the International Socialist Group and the Workers International League, the latter three with me as a close co-thinker and collaborator. He is a cuts-voting Labour councillor now, anxious to disavow his revolutionary past.

Money needs to be saved at…

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