07/03/2020 by socialistfight

By Dov Winter 
Here are three Facebook posts in which which spell out Ian Donovan’s rapid move to the right on antisemitism:

A protester holds up a sign reading, “David Duke Nazi of the 90’s,” interrupting David Duke’s speech during a campaign rally. (Photo by © Wally McNamee/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Reply No 1

Ian challenged me to explain why he capitulates to Anti-Semitism. This is what Ian wrote:

“If you understood why Political Zionism is worse than Apartheid and Jim Crow you might gain some insight. Clue: read Moshe Machover on different types of settler colonialism. If you understand that, you might understand why (Alan) Dershowitz (arch Zionist) is worse than David Duke. Some forms of colonialism are genocidal. Some are not.”

Zionism is worse than David Duke? And according to Ian David Duke does not support genocidal ideas against blacks and Jews, as Ian writes that: “Some forms of colonialism are genocidal [Zionism]. Some are not [David Duke’s politics]”. Fascism is growing very fast in the US. What does Ian thinks will happen if David Duke and his fascist followers will grow dramatically and take power in the US? They will kick a genocide drive against black, Latinos and Jews in the name of “pure” white blood. But Ian thinks that the Zionists are worse than fascists! Ian defends White Nationalism (fascism) and minimize the dangers from the fascists. According to Ian, David Duke is not as bad as the Zionists! This is a rotten disgrace and an insult for every socialist and a progressive person.

Not all Zionists are fascists. But for Ian Zionism is a fascistic Satan that is about to destroy the world. He wrote that Zionism is worse than any European imperialist powers and only the US is as evil as Zionism. According to Ian:

“Of all the advanced capitalist/imperialist countries today, Israel is second only to the United States in the threat it poses to the future of humanity.”

This is the kind of crap anti-Semitics have been saying for decades: that Israel and the Jewish people are out there to control the world. But in reality, Israel has less influence on imperialist politics than France and German imperialism.

Ian repeats the anti-Semitic crap that Jews are out to control the world, and they are situated in a good position to do that because Jews are “overrepresented” within the bourgeoisie. AND HE DOES NOT WRITE ONE WORD OF CLEAR CRITICISM OF ATZMON OPEN ANTI-SEMITIC STATEMENTS. SF has had a discussion on the Atzmon group for months now. And as someone who claim to be a Marxist, IAN had an obligation to denounce Atzmon and his open anti-Semitic positions. But Ian refuses to denounce Atzmon and his anti-Semitic positions. That makes him a collaborator of Atzmon and his anti-Semitic politics.

Ian’s capitulation to Gilad anti-Semitism leads him to opportunistic politics in the Middle-East. His declaration of support to the Palestinians comes with the typical centrist and opportunist defense of the capitalist leadership of the Palestinians. He writes that:

“I find it astonishing that leftists in the West can jump up and ‘condemn’ a leader [Abass], even if he is a pretty useless and servile leader, of an oppressed people.”

But I do not find it astonishing that Ian defends a Palestinian bourgeois leader who showed many times that he is willing to compromise with Zionism. Ian defense of Abass follows from Ian defense of Anti-Semitism. Ian’s border-line Anti-Semitism controls his politics in the Middle-East. His hatred of Zionism clouds his judgment and as a result, he tails the bourgeois leadership of the Palestinians, that is, according to Ian we cannot criticize Abbas because he is a leader of the oppressed Palestinians! This is the kind of politics that the Pabloites and the Healyites had in the middle-east: uncritical support for the Arab bourgeoisie: just follow its tail! Just like the way Ian follows the tail of Anti-Semites.

Members of Italian far-right political movement CasaPound march with flags near the Colosseum during a demonstration in 2016 | Filippo Monteforte/AFP via Getty Images

Reply No 2

Dov Winter: Ian Donovan Every paragraph in your response is a blatant lie and rotten distortion of everything what I wrote. I am done with you and your ilk One thing, however: You once again minimize the danger of fascism by stating that:

“Duke has no more chance of overshadowing the neocon far right than the elder Le Pen has” .

Fascism is growing fast, and more fascists attacks are being reported from Germany. With the growing rivalry between China US and Europe, that means that as world capitalism enters a deeper crisis, fascism is going to be bolder. Yet you decided to ridicule me for pointing it out.

But by now, you are just a nasty opponent who swims at the edge of the fascist cesspool together with Atzmon that you refuse to criticize. You make it quite clear that you do not want to criticize Gilad’s pro fascist positions. You are in total denial that Atzmon has pro-fascist positions. You indeed found your perfect partner, Atzmon.

You say that:

“I don’t criticise Atzmon for anti-Semitism because he is not anti-Semitic.”

Really? Here are few collections from Atzmon writings:

“Fascism is a simple principle that adhere to equality within strict boundaries. It has nothing to do with imperialism or dominance of other people.”

So, the Nazis who killed 6 million Jews “have nothing to do with imperialism or dominance of other people.” This is a statement of a person who supports fascism and is clearly an Anti-Semite. And you refuse to condemn him.

And Atzmon continues:

“If Iran and Israel fight a nuclear war that kills tens of millions of people, some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all.”‘

“Hitler might have been right after all”!!, And you refuse to criticize Atzmon’s support of Hitler!

Atzmon says that David Duke is a humanist because he says, “I want to celebrate my right and you should celebrate your rights whether you are Muslim or black or whatever. He [Duke] believes that all people should celebrate their rights, this is his current philosophy.”

Sure, with Gilad’s logic we should all celebrate Hitler birthday because: “It [fascism] has nothing to do with imperialism or dominance of other people.” No worry. Gilad says that the fascists cannot harm us (!), they don’t dominate other people! I don’t think it is necessary to waste time criticizing such a disgusting garbage about the history of German Nazism.

These are the politics that you associated with and refuses to criticize. You are a red/pink dot on fascism’s ass. I predict that you will become more than a red/pink dot, you are already a cancer for the Left and the workers movement. Just fuck off. I am not going to communicate with you anymore.

Zionist and antisemitic: The above is a recent group photo of some of the members of the Neo Nazi Azov Batallion who are fighting against the separatists in Eastern Ukraine.
It comes replete with a NATO flag, the Azov Brigade’s Nazi Flag and a Swastika.
The Azov brigade is a private militia funded by the Jewish billionaire Ihor Kolomoyski, who was appointed Governor of  Dnipropetrovsk Oblast by the leaders in Kiev after February’s Coup D’Etat.
Kolomoyski has spent millions funding the Ukrainian Nazi brigades of Dnipro, Aidar, Azov, Dnepr 1, Dnepr 2, and Donbas Battalions.
The Deputy Commander of the Neo Nazi Azov Brigade and self confessed Fascist was recently appointed Chief of Police in Kiev

Reply No 3

Dov Winter Ian Donovan I am not going to debate the nonsense above. As I wrote I am done debating you. But one thing that you wrote I must respond. You write that:

“Insofar as fascism is growing, it is usually being funded by the Jewish-Zionist bourgeois caste.”

Here your obsession with Zionism as the greatest force on Earth is reaching a new height. So, according to you, Fascism is growing today because it is being funded by the “the Jewish-Zionist bourgeois caste.”. You write that Zionism is the reason fascism is growing throughout the world.

What happened to the Marxist analysis of Fascism? you know, the stuff that Trotsky wrote, such as: the severe economic crisis, the need of the capitalist state to smash the workers unions and parties, the mobilisation of the frenzied petty bourgeoisie by the fascists to kill the workers militants and their leaders– all to restore profitability and the “stability” of the capitalist state with the fist of the fascists. Well, I almost forgot: It it all “being funded by the Jewish-Zionist bourgeois caste.”!! And again, I need to apologize, I almost forgot again, according to you, all Zionists are fascists.

You claim that the reason fascism is growing today is because it is funded by “Jewish-Zionist bourgeois caste”. I am not going to waste my time arguing with you that the term “Jewish-Zionist bourgeois caste” which is anti-Semitic term used by you and the fascists. But your idea that Zionism is behind the fascist growth these days, is a total rejection of the Marxist understanding of the fascist phenomenon.

What next? Oh yea. I forgot. According to you, the Zionists/fascists are going to control the world and will impose a brutal Zionist dictatorship in every country. This is the logic of your position. A world under the boots of the Fascist Zionist dictatorship. It is your choice Ian. You can come to your senses or kick yourself out of workers/socialist movement and become an advocate of the Zionist taking over the world together with the . . . fascists. You already jointed the fascist propaganda about the Jews taking over the world. Now after you were expelled from SF, there are no check and balances to slow down your rapid evolution to the right. If you continue to break with Marxism at the current astonishing speed, you will join the Atzmon coalition much faster than predicted.


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