Why Did Sinn Féin Surge to be The Most Popular Party in Ireland in General Election 2020?

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24/02/2020 by socialistfight

This is a good post from Paddy Healy on the Irish Elections. We will have a somewhat differnt emphasis on somethings but it is the best we have seen on the situation.

The piece from Sinn Fein is for information only and obviously we do not agree with the political content at all.

Likewise the third piece is also informative but we make no political endorsement.

Paddy Healy's Blog

Analysis: Irish General Election 2020-26 Counties

Why Did Sinn Féin Surge to be The Most Popular Party?

Results :Seats FF 38 ,SF 37, FG 35. Green 12, Labour 6, Social Democrats 6, Solidarity-People before Profit 5, Others 21

Share of Popular Vote %

 Sinn Féin  24.5  Fianna Fáil 22.2  Fine Gael 20.9   Green 7.1    Labour 4.4    Social Democrats 2.9  Solidarity/People Before Profit  2.6  Aontú 1.9  Independents/others 13.5 

Lowest Ever Total  for  Two Main Conservative Parties Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael

FF+FG=  43.1%

(Sinn Féin is the Largest nationalist party in the 6-counties which are under British rule)

Just nine months earlier Sinn Féin lost half its seats on local Authorities and two its 3 seats in the European Parliament in the 26 counties.!  https://wp.me/pKzXa-1xg

In the previous general election (2016), Sinn Féin got 13.8% of the popular vote. In general election 2020 this grew to 24.5%. For the…

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