Now the coup is against Trump


07/10/2019 by socialistfight

By Hummberto Rodrigues, Brazil 26-9-19

Nancy Pelosi filed an impeachment case against Donald Trump on 24 September

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi filed an impeachment case against  Donald Trump on 24 September. The accusation against the president is that he violated US law by pressuring, through a call on 25 July, the new Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenszy, to reopen investigations into a corruption scandal against the son of Democratic main candidate for the 2020 elections, Joe Biden.

Biden’s son Hunter was named director of the largest energy and gas company in Ukraine, Burisma Holdings, in 2014, two months after the Barak Obama-orchestrated coup d’état, whilst Biden was vice president.

This fact in itself is outrageous, opens wide the moral double of the imperialist establishment and compromises even the “good boy” Obama and the high-minded “Democrats”. Under US law, the CIA cannot carry out foreign coups without the President approving them first through a so-called “presidential finding” by the 1974 Hughes-Ryan Amendment. Obama is directly implicated in the conspiracy that toppled a government. and orchestrated regime change which among other benefits gave control of Ukrainian gas to his vice-president’s son.

A large smokescreen by the Democrats

This leads us to believe that while impeachment may appear to be an offensive measure against the Trump administration, it is in fact a large smokescreen created by the Democratic party machine to protect itself and its preferred candidate, which is the pivot of the scandal.

This attack is a defence and the shot can even backfire. It is very likely that this attempt to impeachment, already called Ukraineiagate, will have the same fate as Russiagate, that is, it will not overthrow the Trump government. Biden’s image should not get any better after this scandal, which may also favour Democrat Bernie Sanders (77, one year older than Biden) who is more popular than the former vice-president. Sanders’s candidacy was sabotaged in the 2016 election by the Democrat machine with their super delegates. This time the party machine favours the moderate Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

US President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speak during a meeting in New York on September 25, 2019, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

One of the accusations against Trump is that he threatened the Ukrainian government not to release US $ 250 million to Ukraine if the Kiev government did not cooperate in re-filing the case against Biden’s son. This accusation does not seem to make sense because Trump has already released the money even though Kiev has not yet complied with his request and because unlike his former coup Ukrainian president, the current Zelensky enjoys Trump’s and Putin’s sympathy.

However, the similar charge against Biden seems much more credible. That the then US Vice President even blackmailed Ukraine, threatening to withhold $ 1 billion in aid, unless the government dismissed the country’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was accused of “inefficiency” while coincidentally investigating. Burisma Holdings, an investigation that could have incriminated Biden’s son.

The coup presented by the media campaign as the “EuroMaidam revolution” in reference to Maidan Square, where fascist US and European Union defenders began to mutiny against Russia, was extremely lucrative for the US, disastrous for Ukraine, impoverished and divided. the country almost in half in a bloody civil war. The anti-coupists took the island of Crimea and founded the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, which voted to integrate with Russia.

Part of the scam artists explicitly claimed the neo-Nazi ideology, started a witch hunt of workers and their organizations that had as one of the bloodiest moments the massacre of the Trade Union House in Odessa, set on fire by fascist forces led by the Kiev government, leading to 46 deaths and more than 200 injured, almost all shot or burned alive according to Wikipedia.

Burisma Holdings became the country’s leading gas company during this parasitic, repressive and corrupt process.

Trump was elected with Putin’s support. Russian intelligence provided ammunition to the then-candidate businessman to provoke crisis within the Democratic campaign by demonstrating Hillary Clinton’s low game in sabotaging Bernie Sanders’ “socialist” candidacy. Democrats who held the strongest and most popular presidency, media and candidacies scrambled and allowed the outsider of politics to become president with reactionary, xenophobic speech addressed to the white proletariat.

Russian interference in the 2016 elections

The demo-republican establishment tried to impeach him from the outset by “Russian interference in the 2016 elections.” Throughout his tenure he pretended and said things that camouflaged that in fact he liberated the Eurasic bloc to follow globalizing multipolarism. China and Russia’s strategic plan to exponentially expand their influence on the planet, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), made great strides during the Trump administration, perhaps thanks to an unbelievable zigzag roadmap.

At this point, the most bellicose faction of the neoconservatives that made up the republican front that gave rise to the government moved away from Trump. So far, this fraction was best represented by John Bolton, as White House national security adviser. Bolton was one of the most active hawks among the Republican neoconservative think tanks, articulator of the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, signatory of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), created in 1997, under the Reagan administration. Bolton was a rabid dog always willing to wage war, attack North Korea, invade Venezuela and bomb Iran. In fact, compared to previous mandates, nothing truly effective Bolton has accomplished except warmongers. Trump used Bolton’s threats to advance the economic terrain, but not to carry out the threats.

First, by moving away from the neoconservative wing defending the PNAC doctrine of war economy hypertrophy and the arms race, the Trump administration seems to be stating another course for the US, more than military trade expansion, recovery. economic power through strong protectionism and a permanent trade war of sanctions and tariffs to the detriment of the maintenance of the huge military machine and its expansionary cost, as if economic warfare did not lead at any time to direct or indirect military dispute.

Second, the Trump administration has increased its US gas exports to Europe tenfold and wants to get rid of the previous scheme implemented by Democratic rivals to impose its own.

“The share of US liquefied natural gas in total EU gas imports in the first quarter of 2017 was six percent, increasing 10-fold compared to 2016. In the first quarter of 2017 the US became the sixth largest supplier of liquefied natural gas to the European Union.” (Why the US cannot replace Russian gas in Europe).

Unpopular between fractions of the great imperialist capital and the media, popular among its poor and right-wing electorate. Trump reduced unemployment at the expense of precarious contracts and anti-immigrant discourse, the real enemy of his mandate, through which he ensured the division of the US proletariat and the cheapening of the labour force, enabling a relative recovery of US economy.

Some factions of imperialism, such as the billionaire Koch brothers, for example, have done well in the Trump administration, especially thanks to the fact that he has kidnapped the government of Brazil for his area of ​​influence through the deepening of the 2016 armed coup by the Obama administration.

Deep State conspires against Trump

In this contradictory but relatively effective way, Trump has been neutralizing his threats of impeachment.

Now, in full campaign mode for re-election, Trump has got rid of Bolton, announced his willingness to renegotiate with Iran (which rightly demands the suspension of sanctions as preconditions and the reinstatement of the nuclear agreement with Obama as a precondition), hints at the suspension of import tariffs against China, especially those imports from US companies lodged in the Asian giant.

In this way, the US president tacitly re-negotiates with the Eurasic bloc, not because he is a mere agent of this bloc, but because as a minority wing of big capital, his economic interests and political survival must be based on this fraction of world capital against A more powerful fraction of imperialism than temporarily and contradictorily does not occupy the presidential seat, but controls the Deep State that conspires against Trump.

Trump is today the chief agent of world imperialism, arguably an enemy of the oppressed workers and peoples of the world. But those who want to bring him down are worse. Why? Because they are more consistent in the defence of imperialist interests. They are less brave and more executioners. If Trump is a traitor to imperialist interests (which is an exaggeration of the coup opposition) we are not the oppressed peoples that we will support in establishing a government more faithful to imperialist interests, stronger, … against us. The Republican Democratic opposition speaks less and does more for US expansionist policy. The inter-imperialist dispute within the US opens a deadlock that must be tactically used by the oppressed peoples, without losing sight of the strategic goal of the struggle for victory over the whole of imperialism and its criminal agents like Bolsonaro. If Trump is overthrown the war escalation of the cold war will resume. Those who want to strike Trump have orchestrated all the successful coups on the planet in the last decade, such as Dilma’s impeachment, and now they want to do it in the White House itself.

2 thoughts on “Now the coup is against Trump

  1. This article has a few things spot on, in terms of highlighting what corrupt warmongers the Democrats are. So various things need to be highlighted: Trump may have stoked up the trade war with China, Europe and everywhere else but his war-plan efforts for the floundering US Empire have been a total failure. The Pentagon’s war drive has got totally bogged down and humiliated in Iraq and Afghanistan, and though Trump has put a vicious sanctions squeeze on Iran, when he got close to blitzing that country with an inferno of missile strikes he chickened out because the global implications were just too paralysing for the decaying US Empire. North Korea is also sensibly refusing to disarm too. So Trump is a failure as a US warmonger.
    Also, the Trump-Democrat “civil war” is good for revolutionary struggle and the world proletariat; the more that the chaos and political bloodletting in Washington brings the “free world” “democracy” system into disrepute, the better. As the article above implied, there will be no socialism from the “socialist” Bernie Sanders, who like Hillary Clinton is a dirty little Democrat trade warrior for US imperialism and its corrupt right-wing unions.
    Trump is retaliating to the Democrat impeachment drive by calling them all “traitors” and by highlighting the corruption of the Democrats/Bidens in Ukraine. This is high-wire stuff, trampling over the previous norms of “rule of law” in US politics and opening up a very big can of worms. But will the US monopoly ruling class back him enough to trample over the Democrats’ objections? Given Trump’s failure as a US Mussolini “strong man” as far as international warmongering goes, this seems unlikely. But the global economic “over-production” crisis and proximity to an unprecedented collapse in the dollar make all of Trump’s efforts to stoke up and spur on fascism in America (and the rest of the world) hugely necessary for the billionaire class in the looming civil war struggles across America and in Latin America, South East Asia, Europe etc. Trump is the personification of the assertion of capitalism’s fascist right to rule. I think his abuse of the Democrat opposition as “traitors” to the cause could well work for him as they did for Hitler in his march to power.
    Look at the mass rebellions in Haiti, Iraq, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, etc. What can the US Empire do about this except attempt to reassert fascist control??
    All in all, as Marx, Engels and Lenin explained, bourgeois democracy is, in reality, bourgeois dictatorship, so the impeachment furore could be just a bump in the road for Trumpism. What will stop ALL these parliamentary swine will be their overthrow by the socialist revolution and the imposition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Trump has an awful lot of monopoly support, in the same way that bourgeois democracy fed Hitlerism with cash and Western political support. What stopped Hitler was only the heroic fightback of the Red Army and partisans, until he was smashed back all the way to Berlin. So it is entirely possible that Trump can roll on with all his thuggish stupidity, corruption and white supremacism until he is stopped by revolution.
    Similarly, in the UK, counting on Corbynism to block Trump’s “Mini Me”, Johnson, is a mug’s game. People who call themselves “revolutionaries” have to start taking Lenin seriously and read what he really wrote about the stinking class-collaborationist Labour party, and work on tactics that demolish social democracy’s influence in the working class so that revolutionary politics get a hearing. The last issue of the EPSR carried 2 pages of direct quotes from Lenin about the fraud of parliamentary reformism. This is the way to go.


  2. […] and his Western counterparts at this time makes no sense because of the ongoing socialist coup against President Donald Trump which makes any agreements made at this summit untenable as no one knows what type of government […]


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