Jewish Bolshevism is an anti-communist and antisemitic canard


23/09/2019 by socialistfight

By Gerry Downing 22-10-19

In the course of the thread on Devon Nola’s post on her Facebook wall on 10 September [1] let us remind ourselves what she and Gilad Atzmon and their supporters wrote  – also note that they all liked each other’s posts, they were as one on the notion that the Russian Revolution was a Bolshevik-Jewish conspiracy, a specific Nazi narrative. In my view, we should publicly break from this group who are not in any way left at all except maybe left-Nazi Strasserites!  We are Bolshevik-Trotskyists, I have spent years defending the Russian Revolution against the CPGB, Lars T Lih and all that crew whose positions on it are not a fraction as bad as these people. 

The real organizer of the (German 1918-19) Revolution and its actual wire- puller, the international Jew, had seized upon the situation correctly. The German people was not yet ripe to be drawn into the bloody swamp of Bolshevism as the Russian people had been drawn.

In Russia the moment the agitators were successful in inciting broad masses of people who could not read and to write, against the upper layer of the intellectual who were not in contact with the masses or permanently linked with them in any way, at that moment the destiny of Russia was decided, the success of the Revolution was assured. Thereupon the alphabetic Russian became the slave of his Jewish dictators, who on their side were clever enough to name this dictatorship The Dictatorship of the People.

Adolf Hitler, 1926 Mein Kampf, P. 469, Publisher, Jaico

Introduction and political summary

Devon Nola immediately springs to the defence of the piece I quote below and, whilst regretting the decisively actions of the Bolsheviks in putting an immediate end to the Tsar’s and then the White armies’ pogroms of the Jews, and regrets the imposition of the death penalty for the mass slaughter of Jews, claims not to know what “what caused anti-Jewish sentiment pre-Bolshevism” – i.e. maybe the Tsar had a point and they deserved it. Gilad Atzmon comment, “the fact that Stalin turned against the Jews is known to everyone here. I do believe that Stalin insisted eventually to give Russia back to the Russians and this clearly made some ppl upset … it certainly explains Stalin’s paranoia, he knew what he was up against ,..” is certainly antisemitic, the Jews were the main danger and Stalin eventually wised up to it!  The whole piece quoted here is full of antisemitic canards; I have bolded only the most obvious.

And, of course, the anti-communist outright lies, like the following from Alison Chabloz “Posted by a friend: Little known fact: Were you aware that several of the children of Karl Marx and his aristocratic wife Jenny von Westphalen starved to death as infants, because he refused to get a job, and insisted on spending all his days at the British Museum library?”  And Devon Nola’s rightism is clearly demonstrated here: “If you and your red friend here, Gerry, want to fantasize on what Bolshevism was or wasn’t, knock yourselves out” and, “Robert Anderson they aren’t trolls, just terminally leftists”.

Two of Hitler’s ‘left’Nazis who were killed by the Gestapo on Hitler’s orders in the Night of the Long Knives and Otto Strasser, who had escaped and lived until 1974.

Left-wing Jews?? No, Strasserites! [2]

Gerry Joseph Downing This is Nazi propaganda. The “Jewish Bolsheviks” did not “take over Russia” and what the revolutionary socialist Bolsheviks led by Lenin and Trotsky did was to outlaw the Tsar’s pogroms against all Jews, mass indiscriminate slaughter which the White Armies carried out during the Civil War which this post seems to support.

“One of the first new laws created by the Jewish Bolsheviks when they took over Russia was to make “antisemitism” punishable by jail or death. Despite its freedoms, the United States is now following in Russia’s footsteps, with Jews/Chuck Schumer leading the charge.” [3]

Devon Nola Gerry Joseph Downing actually nothing here is propaganda. Bolshevism was a Jewish-led form of government, [4] and we can delve into what caused anti-Jewish sentiment pre-Bolshevism (of which I or this post does not advocate), but this post is not about Bolshevism. It’s about Jewish-led tyranny in a supposed democracy (U.S.) to protect a foreign state (Israel). Hopefully you can grasp this.

Ross Vachon Unutterably squalid.

Gerry Joseph Downing Devon Nola shamefully your vile antisemitic post got 4 likes (now 8 -GD). The deranged ramblings of Mein Kampf and Gobbles still cast a shadow.

Devon Nola Gerry Joseph Downing lol, you can’t cry anti-Semitic any time the truth is uncomfortable. You’ll need to do better than provide Wikipedia links as refutation.
Pointing out that Bolshevism was a Jewish-led “revolution” isn’t anti-Semitic, it’s fact. And the crimes they carried out were heinous, however, this gets buried in historical narratives.
THIS post is about a Jewish US senator attempting to criminalize our 1st Amendment right to free speech, in order to protect the foreign Jewish state. Why is it you deflect from this?

Gilad Atzmon Devon Nola you better off ignore this Joker….

 Gilad Atzmon Gerry Joseph Downing hey what about the possibility that the denouncement of Jewish Bolshevism is actually pro socialist and pro communist.. it defies tribal-centric activism in favour of universal ethos…

 Robert Anderson Don’t Feed the Trolls

Devon Nola Robert Anderson they aren’t trolls, just terminally leftists.

Ian Donovan Gilad Atzmon Yes I know this is where you are coming from. That’s why I engage and debate with you.

Devon Nola If you and your red friend here, Gerry, want to fantasize on what Bolshevism was or wasn’t, knock yourselves out. I didn’t post about Bolshevism and certainly have no interest in it.
I will pose this question. Why do Jews have trouble in every corner of the earth since the beginning of time? Why is their history one disaster after another for thousands of years?

Gerry Joseph Downing That is a very clearly antisemitic statement. You are clearly referring to all Jews and not to Zionism as a political ideology, which you could relate to Nazism but never to Bolshevism.

Robert Anderson Don’t Feed the Trolls

 Devon Nola Robert Anderson they aren’t trolls, just terminally leftists.

Gerry Joseph Downing: Gilad Atzmon, that is a vile, antisemitic article which adds to standard Stalinist/imperialist propaganda that Leninism/Trotskyism inevitably led to Stalinism by promoting the Hitlerite conspiracy theory that it was all the fault of the Jews.

It also conflates the revolutionary violence of the oppressed with the counterrevolutionary violence of the oppressor. As Marxists we never equate the violence and cunning of the slave seeking to break his or her chains with the violence and cunning of the slave owner seeking to maintain those chains.

The beheading of Charles I on 30 January 1649 ended the absolutist monarchy in England and Wales forever. It was the greatest single revolutionary act in the history of the nation.

The Reign of Terror of the French Revolution under Robespierre ended forever the ancien regime of the absolutist monarchy and church in France and enabled modern capitalism to develop.

The Cheka under Lenin and Trotsky and the Bolsheviks did the same for the Russian Revolution following the assassination attempt on Lenin. The personal integrity of Lenin and Trotsky and the Bolsheviks as revolutionaries is beyond reproach.

Stalin after 1923 had no such principles. By 1928 there was nothing left of revolutionary Bolshevism within the communist party that could express itself openly. The Russian Trotskyists were all slaughtered in Siberia by 1939.

Under the Stalin counterrevolution the Cheka/KGB/NKDV became the instrument of mass oppression after the assassination of Kirov in 1934. All those who led the Russian Revolution alongside Lenin were murdered to prove to imperialism that Stalin and the bureaucracy he represented had renounced revolution, which he explicitly publicly did in 1936.

To reduce this great struggle between two irreconcilable social systems on a global scale to a Jewish conspiracy is explicit Nazi propaganda.

Gilad Atzmon: Ian Donovan who were the working class according to your book? The full list is here [5]

are you referring to Trotsky or Yagoda? Spend some time and read Yuri Slezkin the J century so you know once and for all who led the Bolshevik revolution and why? Btw the only places were communist revolutions led anywhere were those places where was led by goyim for goyim. [6] China, Venezuela, Libya, Iraq etc…

Devon Nola: This treasonous parasite. Say what you want about America, and even your president but don’t think about discussing war crimes the Jewish state carries out. You can forget your 1st Amendment right to free speech. This miscreant, Senator Schumer, will see to it you go to jail if you exercise your constitutional rights that he is sworn to protect.

Gerry Joseph Downing Above is the infamous White Army antisemitic cartoon of Trotsky. This from Wikipedia:

Jewish Bolshevism, also Judeo–Bolshevism, is an anti-communist and antisemitic canard, which alleges that the Jews were the originators of the Russian Revolution in 1917, and that they held primary power among the Bolsheviks who led the revolution. Similarly, the conspiracy theory of Jewish Communism alleges that Jews have dominated the Communist movements in the world and is related to The Zionist Occupation Government conspiracy theory (ZOG), which alleges that Jews control world politics.[1]

In 1917, after the Russian Revolution, the antisemitic canard was the title of the pamphlet, The Jewish Bolshevism, which featured in the racist propaganda of the anti-communist White movement forces during the Russian Civil War (1918–22). During the 1930s, the Nazi Party in Germany and the German American Bund in the United States propagated the antisemitic theory to their followers, sympathisers, and fellow travellers.[2][3][4][5] In Poland, “Judeo-Bolshevism”, known as “Żydokomuna”, was an antisemitic stereotype that was widely spread during the interwar period (1918–39).[6] In far-right politics, the antisemitic canards of “Jewish Bolshevism”, “Jewish Communism”, and the “ZOG” conspiracy theory are catchwords falsely asserting that Communism is a Jewish conspiracy.[7] [7]

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Civil War poster: LT slaying the reactionary dragon

Ian Donovan Gilad Atzmon Yes, I know this is where you are coming from. That’s why I engage and debate with you.

But you are actually Judeo centric and in a funny way, exaggerate the importance of Jews in everything. They are important, but not that important. ‘Stalin’s Jews’ were Stalin’s minions.

Your pro-Communist view absolves Stalin. Indeed, you consider Jewish chauvinism so powerful that you absolve other forms of chauvinism as insignificant by comparison. In this case Stalin’s but not only his.

Your socialism rejects historical materialism and also rejects internationalism. That is your contradiction. You defend the universalism of Marx and yet you reject the notion that the working class has no country … in favour of Orwell … who was a shallow thinker to put it mildly.

Historical materialism bases its internationalism on the fact that the productive forces have long since outgrown the nation-state, which is therefore obsolete. That particular genie escaped from its bottle at the end of the 19th century and no one will ever get it back in.

That’s not a ‘Jewish’ or tribal’ observation. Just an obvious material fact. Facts are stubborn things.

Gilad Atzmon Ian Donovan the amount of BS that you spread all over the Fb recently in mind blowing… who told you that the working class ‘has no country’ do you think that it is an axiom? Cos history suggest otherwise .. and is really really Orwell a shallow thinker? He detected the tyranny of correctness that is embedded in British left thinking 7 decades before the British left realised it was occupied .. Any more pearls of wisdom you want to share with us ?

Ian Donovan Gilad Atzmon Who said, ‘the working class has no country’? Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in the Manifesto of the Communist Party, 1847. I take it you have read it. That was the concrete expression of the universalism that you have in the past praised in Marx. If not, here it is: [8]

Gilad Atzmon Ian Donovan of course, does it make it into an axiom. Marx was wrong and you have to be a complete fool to miss this fact after almost 200 years of consistent Marxism failure to materialise … the only time socialism became popular is when it was exercised within a context of borders and nations .. do you need me to tell you that the international never happened?

Gilad Atzmon Ian Donovan and by the way cosmopolitanism is not a universal concept and I never praised it. Equality and justice are universal notions and they weren’t invented by Marx ,,,it was Jesus and

Ian Donovan Gilad Atzmon It is a material fact that capitalism’s productive forces long since outgrew national borders. That is why two world wars happened, and also why globalisation is happening.

The contradiction is that while the productive forces have outgrown the nation state, at the same time the various ruling classes are rooted in the nation-state and cannot escape from it.

They are incapable of creating a genuinely global capitalist political order even. Despite the fact that the productive forces their system has created require the entire global space to operate rationally.

There are different ways of resolving that contradiction. One way is for the various fragments of the world system to fight each other again for domination and ly destroy human civilisation in the process, or alternatively their competitive struggle over natural resources will boil our habitable environment away.

The other is for humanity to resolve that contradiction consciously and globally. The only social force that can possibly do that is the working class on an international level. Socialism on a national level is materially impossible.

To organise social production rationally and sustainably this will have to be done globally and those productive forces democratically planned.

If that hasn’t yet happened it does not remotely mean it is not objectively necessary. It’s the most complex and difficult task humanity has ever had to solve and without solving it humanity has no future.

What Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, the Buddha or any other pre-capitalist religious thinker had to say does not really have any bearing on the solution to this problem.

I never mentioned ‘Cosmopolitanism’. Why would I?

Gilad Atzmon Ian Donovan being an orthodox Trotskyite you still do not grasp that what moves working class ppl is the flag, the monarch, the soil as opposed to this dialectical materialist science wannabe … Marx never materialised for a reason and where it did materialised it was on the few remote places that were free of one tribe’s cosmopolitanism ,,, Iraq, Libya, China , Cuba , Venezuela etc,..

Gilad Atzmon and don’t mention Moses who liberated one ppl together with Jesus and Mohamad who emancipated humanity …

Ian Donovan Gilad Atzmon China has returned to capitalism though by a different route that Russia. Chinese workers who are worked to death in Special Economic Zones for Apple will no doubt rejoice in China’s non-‘Cosmopolitan’ ‘socialism’. But actually, the iron rice bowl was shattered over a quarter of a century ago.

Venezuela is in deep trouble because it never left capitalism in the first place and attempted social reforms while not touching the property of the bourgeoisie. That regime is weak and without Cuba it would never have existed. Libya was always capitalist.

Cuba is still a deformed workers state but it would never have survived in the early period without the aid of the USSR. Same goes for North Korea, the only other deformed workers state that still survives.

‘The flag’ is in every case the flag of the bourgeoisie or in some cases that of pre-capitalist classes.

It doesn’t matter if parts of the formerly proletarian lumpen-proletariat in advanced countries worship their masters’ flag. Orwell in his own way explained why, in that a good deal of Britain’s prosperity came from exploiting India, etc.

The bourgeoisie has reduced part of their working class to the level of colonial slaves, or tending in that direction, and they are reacting by supporting demagogues like Trump who promise to ‘make America’ (or Britain, or wherever) ‘Great Again’.

It won’t help them though; these bourgeois demagogues will just shaft them more. All the bullshit about flags in the world won’t change the fact that the productive forces of capitalism work on an international, not national level, and capitalism can only be overcome on an international level. Half-witted illusions in flags and won’t change that one iota.

Sooner or later those workers in rust belts and they will have to come to terms with the fact that the privileged status that the US empire, the British etc. used to flatter ‘their’ working class with, is dead.

You, following Orwell are just pandering to illusions that are fatuous and lead nowhere. Orwell’s essay ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’ is not entirely without interest or merit, and some of his observations about British society might have been useful if he had put them in an internationalist framework.

But he didn’t. He just mixed his socialism with pandering to illusions and a great deal of crass sentimentality. That led him to capitulate wholesale to the bourgeoisie and just become a peddler of anti-revolutionary homilies and scare stories.

Gilad Atzmon brother, save me and the rest of us of your cosmopolitan working class revolutionary crap… take care instead of the working class ppl in your proximity, i.e. the brits … ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’ ,, you may want to read it again,,, it is Anglo centric to the core and this is what is so great about it,,, and it is probably the best analysis of British society despite the fact that his predictions were all wrong,, British aristocracy won the war, Hitler lost,,, it was hard to predict such an end in 42 I guess

Gerry Joseph Downing Gilad Atzmon all little Englanders hate working class cosmopolitan revolutionary internationalism. Far better to punt ‘Stalin was Bolshevism and a tool of the Jews’. And fail to see the obvious similarities with Nazi propaganda, that is before and after the Stalin-Hitler pact. From May 1939 to June 1941 and Operation Barbarossa, when the Spanish revolution was not yet cold in its grave criticism of Nazism and reportage of the conditions of the Jews in greater Germany was banned by Stalin in the USSR. Whilst the Jews were running the place according to conspiracy freak heads.

Ian Donovan Gilad Atzmon This localist stuff never worked in the past so why should it work now? Only the threat of revolution extracted concessions from capital in the past. That’s why they are taken back now. Those who grovel to the flag will just get a bigger kicking. Eventually they will learn how stupid that idea is no thanks to you.

Gilad Atzmon Ian Donovan Ian Donovan this localist thing worked everywhere from Libya to China to Venezuela and in Russia it also started to work only when cosmopolitanism was defeated … if I have to choose between your hero and Stalin I am certainly with that latter .. in fact, the only communists I get on with are Stalinists… and don’t be mistaken, I myself am not a Stalinist nor I am a Marxist. I believe in equality and true brotherhood, concepts that are pretty foreign to the left unfortunately.

Gilad Atzmon Gerry Joseph Downing the fact that Stalin turned against the Jews is known to everyone here. I do believe that Stalin insisted eventually to give Russia back to the Russians and this clearly made some ppl upset … it certainly explains Stalin’s paranoia, he knew what he was up against ,..

Devon Nola Gerry Joseph Downing Ian Donovan Whether Bolshevism is a “Jewish crime” or not is probably a rabbinical question and we should leave it to Rabbis and their proxy representatives and what is left of their Trotskyite community.

What is undeniable is Jews were grossly over-represented in the Communist Revolution and amongst the perpetrators of Soviet crimes against the Russians and other people. Whether it was Judaism or Jewish secular tribalism, this should be discussed in the open, but it seems Atzmon is the only one to provide a coherent discussion on the topic. Atzmon doesn’t blame The Jews but suggests that Jewishness is responsible for this sense of impunity that locates the Jews in the centre of such events.

Regardless, I don’t think Gerry Joseph Downing, who was expelled from the Labour Party for being antisemitc, should be the one who qualifies anyone as antisemitc. It’s time that all these characters from Downing, to Greenstein, to the CAA and the ADL spend their energy attempting to become ordinary people vs exploring their delusional privileges.

Ian Donovan Devon Nola The reason why Jews were overrepresented among the left in those days was because Jews were a pariah, oppressed layer of the population.

Non Russians in general were overrepresented among the Bolsheviks. That is as it should be as Russia was a prison state where many other peoples were oppressed.

Under the later Stalinist regime some of those became assimilated and more chauvinist than the ordinary Russian chauvinists.

Stalin was the prime example. He was the architect of the forcible collectivisation of Ukraine. He was Georgian. That policy led to a couple of million deaths in the 1932 famine. Many of his lower level officials were Jewish but he was the driving force of the policy.

Ukrainian nationalists claim that that policy was specifically an attack on Ukrainians. And the perpetrators were Jews. It wasn’t. It was insane Stalinist economic adventurism aimed at industrialising a backward country at breakneck speed, brutal and callous.

But there was nothing about it that had anything to do with Judaism or secular Jewish ideology. It was driven by the programme of ‘socialism in one country’ which was a Russian nationalist ideology, nothing to do with Jews at all.

Proof of this is that the same thing was done in China, by Mao and his Han Chinese regime, in the 1950s. It was called the Great Leap Forward, a similar forced collectivisation that caused an even bigger famine than Ukraine. Chinese did that to Chinese. It was Stalinist ideology as the material expression of the interests of a privileged bureaucracy in a backward workers state, which has its own dynamics, that did that. Nothing to do with Judaism at all.

Gerry Joseph Downing Devon Nola I have given that link in my post on my own wall. No problem opposing the crimes of Zionism and the reactionary Zionist man who is promoting that vile legislation.

But equating Bolshevism, the greatest internationalist socialist political party which led the single greatest revolution in human history and the most inspiring political event for the poor and oppressed of the planet as a “Jewish-led conspiracy” is straightforward Nazi propaganda, which you are defending.

Maybe you don’t understand the difference between Bolshevism and Stalinism and equate the two because you have believed both Stalinist and imperialist propaganda on this point nevertheless you have done the inexcusable and I’m calling you out on it.

Devon Nola Gerry Joseph Downing you bore me to tears with your banal charges of antisemtism. Please, try to be a bit more thoughtful in your responses.

It is a perfectly reasonable question to ask why one group of people has had difficulty co-existing with their neighbors no matter where they live since the beginning of time.

You can’t deny this and if you do, Jews will call YOU an anti-Semite for denying their history of persecution. This is part and parcel of the creation of a national homeland. The irony is that Palestine was possibly the one place they lived peacefully with their goyim neighbors for hundreds of years until the Ashkenazi Jews destroyed that relationship.

So, again, I ask, how is that one group has had trouble for thousands of years? I suggest you save yourself further embarrassment and don’t answer immediately. Save me the knee-jerk lefty response and dig into this question.

Alison Chabloz Posted by a friend: Little known fact: Were you aware that several of the children of Karl Marx and his aristocratic wife Jenny von Westphalen starved to death as infants, because he refused to get a job, and insisted on spending all his days at the British Museum library? It’s true – look it up, all you SJW’s!

Alison Chabloz Of Marx’s seven children, only three survived to adulthood. The children were: Jenny Caroline (m. Longuet; 1844–1883); Jenny Laura (m. Lafargue; 1845–1911); Edgar (1847–1855); Henry Edward Guy (“Guido”; 1849–1850); Jenny Eveline Frances (“Franziska”; 1851–1852); Jenny Julia Eleanor (1855–1898) and one more who died before being named (July 1857). Of the 3 surviving daughters, 2 of them committed suicide later in life.

See also Hervé Ryssen: The Jews, Communism and the Russian Revolution.

Alison Chabloz Towards the end of his life, Stalin grew more and more J-wise. He even created a Jewish homeland near Vladivostok, Birobidjan – which still exists today.

Bernard Lazare’s classic book

Ian Donovan Devon Nola You asserted that Bolshevism was uniquely bloodthirsty. I pointed out that compared to the 13 imperialist armies that they were forced to fight to retain power, they were actually quite mild.

The crimes of what you call ‘Bolshevism’ were under a different regime

At the time that regime was killing large numbers it also eliminated the revolutionary generation of Bolshevism by means of mass terror. So your jibe about ‘fantasy’ avoids addressing the point.

Devon is arguing in her own way the lachrymose version of Jewish history. A key source of this was Bernard Lazare, who was a socialist and one of the main defenders of Dreyfus before eventually becoming a Zionist. His book ‘Antisemitism: its history and causes’ is worth reading.

I have no problem with denying that Jews have always been persecuted. The history is actually quite patchy. Jews were at times highly privileged. Their insecurity came from the fact that they were a middleman layer, not a ruling class. This was particularly true in early medieval times when they were a merchant class but it may have been at least partly true in antiquity.

Part of the problem is we don’t have a complete picture of where the Jewish diaspora in antiquity came from. We know there was a large diaspora around the Med several hundred years before the Zionists spuriously claim the Jews were expelled from Palestine by the Romans. What we don’t know is how many of those were converts – it seems Judaism went through a ‘proselyting phase’ , what relation they had to the later Khazar Jews, and exactly therefore the origins of the Ashkenazi Jews, who may be a composite.

And there is a lot of post-written ‘history’ about the Jews. Much of the stuff in the bible which is accepted by some less recent historians – such as Graetz and maybe Lazare – appears to be myth or at least later embellished. Like David and Solomon, and possibly later stuff from Rome etc may have been re-written for posterity.

Ian Donovan Devon Nola its crap though. Marx was a stateless exile and in his earlier years in exile struggled to make a living. Infant mortality was high in 19th Century London. His older children Laura and Eleanor became prominent political activists along the same political lines as their father. If they had been ill-treated as children that would be somewhat unlikely to happen.

There is crap around on the net about virtually anything under the sun

Devon Nola Please point to where I said it was uniquely blood thirsty. Between you and Gerry, I’m not sure who’s reading comprehension is more compromised.

Bolshevism was savagery. There have been many savage events in history, however what is unique is that there are certain ones we can’t speak of. When Jews are/were carrying out the savagery, either insipid accusations of Antisemitism are tossed around or some bullshit attempt to justify the savagery is invoked.

As far as the rest of this pile of word vomit, you’re all over the place. I’m not quoting from the Bible. Do you just write for the sake of writing?

I’m not here to argue for or against Bolshevism, nothing I even posted was about Bolshevism. It’s about a traitorous US Jewish senator criminalizing free speech about the Jewish state. The comparison was to the dictatorial behavior of Bolshevism to protect the same group of people, who somehow ALWAYS need special protections, no one is permitted to bring their criminal behavior into question, yet this time it’s happening in a supposed democracy.

Gilad Atzmon Alison Chabloz maybe when tribals think equality and universally they get lost

Ian Donovan Gilad Atzmon China had a much bigger famine than Stalin’s Ukrainian famine. Neither Venezuela, nor Iraq, nor Libya ever ceased to be capitalist for one solitary second. Stalin’s crimes were no more Jewish than Mao’s crimes, or Pol Pot’s for that matter.

Ian Donovan Gilad Atzmon I read Slezkine years ago. Useful background reading but does not change the fact that Stalin’s terror was driven by Russian, not Jewish chauvinism.

Stalin and Orzhonikidze, both Russified Georgians, were severely criticised by Lenin as early as 1922 for Russian nationalist ill-treatment of Georgian Communists and the Georgian republic.

“Stalin’s Jews” were just that, they had become Russian nationalists as had Stalin. The whole Stalinist programme of ‘socialism in one country’ could only unfold as Russian nationalism because Russians far outnumbered everyone else in the degenerating Soviet Union.

Mao’s version of ‘socialism in one country’ was driven by Han Chinese nationalism. Stalin’s was driven by Great Russian nationalism.

Jews are not as important in the scheme of things as you think they are

Gerry Joseph Downing And Stalin was pro Zionist and at the same time a vile antisemite. There are many quotes to verify this. Not only did he Jew-bait Trotsky but sacked his Jewish Foreign Minister Maxim Maximovich Litvinov, an ethnic Jewish Russian and replaced him with the execrable Molotov to secure the Stalin Hitler pact. Which involved handling over Jewish communists who had fled Nazi Germany to Hitler, who immediately executed them.

He supported and was the first to recognise the state of Israel, supplying arms via the Czechoslovak communist party to the Zionist fascist Irgun to massacre the Palestinians in Deir Yassin and elsewhere.

And then there came the notorious antisemitic witch hunt, culminating in the infamous Slánský trial where the same Czechoslovak communist party were mass executed under the charge of Zionism and being ‘rootless cosmopolitans’, a very serious crime in the eyes of the nationalist socialism in a single country Stalinists.

On 20 November 1952, Rudolf Slánský, General Secretary of the KSČ, and thirteen other leading party members, were accused of participating in a Trotskyite-Titoite-Zionist conspiracy and convicted: eleven including Slánský were hanged in Prague on December 3, and three were sentenced to life imprisonment.

And lastly the final Doctor’s Plot where all Jewish doctors were facing mass execution, escaping only by the timely death of the vile tyrant.

Proposing that Stalin was controlled by Jews is the deranged ramblings of conspiracy theorists who have bought Hitler’s propaganda as genuine. Pity and contempt vie in assessing such people.

Hillrose Del Rio This above all “Bolshevism was savagery.” Read House of Government is you have any

Gerry Joseph Downing Hillrose Del Rio the U.S. press were very favourable to this low level piece of cold war propaganda. The British Guardian at least had some measure of balance;

We should begin where the author does not, with the building. Slezkine is best known to non-specialists for The Jewish Century, a lively revisionist history that placed the Soviet Union at the heart of 20th-century Jewish experience, but in the academy he might be better known for his essay The USSR as a Communal Apartment, a pivotal study of Soviet multinationalism through the spatial/architectural metaphor of a crowded, thinly subdivided “kommunalka” flat. The House of Government was another, larger block of flats, completed in 1931, “a place where revolutionaries came home and the revolution came to die”. It was designed in the late 1920s by the architect Boris Iofan for the Soviet elite. Its tenants were decimated in the Great Purge, leading to the later nickname “the House of Preliminary Detention”

That’s as simple as The House of Government gets. Perhaps more important is Slezkine’s central view of Bolshevism as a millenarian cult, a notion that was a mainstay of the cold war. His idea of what Marxism is or was is comically inadequate, based on Marx’s early work on Hegel and the “Jewish question”, although the book his tenant inhabitants are always reading, or rather failing to read, is Das Kapital. The Bolsheviks here are not contemporaries of, say, Rosa Luxemburg or James Maxton, but successors to the Anabaptists of the 16th century, who “banned all books except the Bible, destroyed altars and sculptures, renamed streets and days of the week (and named their city the New Jerusalem), banned monogamy and private property, rationed food and clothing, enforced communal dining”. What makes Slezkine’s version of this hoary idea interesting is a lack of moralism, and a mindboggling sweeping perspective that aligns Bolshevism with Christianity, Islam and “the Commonwealth of Massachusetts”.

In 1917, the Swamp’s workers were, Slezkine notes, solidly pro-Bolshevik; yet the need to fight against the petit bourgeoisie continued. Their New Jerusalem would be clean, rational, machine-made. Slezkine treats this as pathological, though it seems a fairly uncontroversial response to the realities of Russia in the early 20th century – trying to stop men beating their wives and shitting in the street does not an apocalyptic cult make. But when the central argument becomes tiresome, there are digressions into, to take a random sample, revolutionary nudism, monumental and modernist architecture, Don Quixote and the Spanish civil war, the socialist realist novel, abuse scandals of early 1990s America, Ibsen … [9]

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Modern Strasserite lying propaganda that is and was not antisemitic.



[2] Strasserism is a left form of Nazism that proports to defend the working class by fighting for their interests against ‘finance capital’ to achieve a national socialist rebirth. Only of course ‘finance capital’ was controlled by Jews and so it was necessary to eliminate the Jews as the ‘other’.   It derives its name from Gregor and Otto Strasser, two brothers initially associated with this position. Otto Strasser was expelled from the Nazi Party in 1930 and went into exile in Czechoslovakia while Gregor Strasser was murdered in Germany on 30 June 1934 during the Night of the Long Knives. Strasserism is still active today.

[3] IN PLAIN SIGHT NEWS, Jewish Senator Introduces Law To Imprison Americans For Criticizing Israel, November 5, 2018,

[4] The allegation that Russian Revolution was a ‘Jewish plot’ is often made, but it is an obvious lie. The first Soviet of the People’s Commissars was selected in 1917. Of the fifteen members, not more than three can have been of Jewish origin. Only one, Trotsky, was demonstrably a Jew.

[5] Stalin’s Jews, we mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish,7340,L-3342999,00.html

[6] Goyim, A word used by some Jews to refer to Gentiles (non-Jews). The word can have derogatory connotations. It can be neutral or negative depending on the context and the intent of the speaker.

[7] Bolshevism – Wikipedia

[8]Manifesto of the Communist Party,…/works/1848/communist-manifesto/

[9]Owen Hatherley, The Guardian, 15 Dec 2017, The House of Government by Yuri Slezkine review – the Russian Revolution told through one building. A dizzying epic history of a 1931 block of flats in Moscow, home to the Soviet elite, aims to tell of the rise and fall of Bolshevism,

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