Why is Labour accused of antisemitism and the Conservatives not?


22/07/2019 by socialistfight

These are the facts on antisemitism. Racism in general is twice as bad in the Tory party as i. Labour and antisemitism is significantly worse. But who cares about the facts when you have a antisemitism witchhunt to pursue to stop Corbyn becoming prime minister? Certainly not the Jewish Chronicle or tge Jewish News or the capitalist mass media in general.

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In any political conflict there is a tendency for heat to obscure light. Statistics quoted in a body of text are often not absorbed. So what follows is an attempt to set out the facts graphically and provide some interpretation which shows how they differ from misleading popular perceptions.

  1. According to Pew Research antisemitism in the UK is very low; both as compared with the median level in Europe and as compared with the national level of Islamophobia and anti Roma sentiment. This does not mean that it is not happening nor that it is not deep rooted in some quarters.

Negative opinions about Roma, Muslims in several European nations

2. Research carried out by MORI on behalf of Jewish Policy Research indicates that strong antisemitic sentiments were very low from the far left right across the political spectrum until you get to the far right; at which point it almost quadruples.

JPR’s central argument – that there is…

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One thought on “Why is Labour accused of antisemitism and the Conservatives not?

  1. Yes indeed, the “left anti-semitism” campaign by the imperialist propagandists is totally bogus.
    So it follows that getting stuck in a rut over the public opinion versions of “anti-Semitism” and “anti-racism” is a really bad idea. Marxism is NOT “left-wing” petty-bourgeois moralising. It is science. Marxism looks at things objectively in terms of the world class struggle and the key class war front lines. The Palestinian revolution fighting to recover its homeland from the US & Western imperialist invasion called “Israel” is a key frontline in the world class struggle, and world proletarian sympathies are strengthening all the time for the ending of the Zionist excrescence. All the global hatred for this Jewish seizure of Arab land is called “anti-Semitism” by the West’s pro-imperialist propagandists, and it should simply be thrown back in their faces as a sick joke.
    The bourgeois British imperialist apologist Labour Party doesn’t do this and can’t do this without ceasing to be the British pro-imperialist Labour Party, which along with the labour aristocracy has only ever been for class collaboration with the (fag-end) British Empire and the US Empire. Hence Corbyn’s constant capitulation to the fraudulent “Left anti-Semitism” campaign.
    Marxist science is also the answer to those class-compromising or imperialist stooge Palestinians (and the half-Palestinian LibDem politico) who pretend that a “two-state solution” is possible and want to join in the West’s campaign against “left-wing anti-Semitism” on the grounds that all those who campaign for the total ending of “Israel” are “holding back the struggle”. Marxism explains that their sick preparedness for the Palestinians to “live on” 22% of their homeland is impossible: either the conquering Nazi imperialist Jews will drive out, kill or enslave all the Palestinians in the land; or the Palestinian revolution (helped probably by the revolutionary rising of the Egyptian masses) will drive out the Zionist child murderers, and, in the epoch of the defeat of Western colonialism, it is going to be the latter.
    But the fraudulent Western petty-bourgeois moralising is so intense that for saying things like the above and stating (in earlier posts) that the Jews have no right to an inch of Palestine and need to be totally defeated by revolution with only those Jews remaining that the Palestinians are prepared to tolerate Socialist Fight spokesmen have attacked me as “anti-semitic” and invoked all the fantastical imagery of backward race prejudice that the West has been using in this ideological front line battle.
    How does that help the fight against the fraud of “left anti-Semitism”?
    And isn’t the Trotskyist notion of the Palestinian struggle ending with the land being shared “fairly” between Palestinian workers and Jewish workers a way of avoiding the harsh reality of national liberation revolution I have described above? And doesn’t that Trotskyist “solution” capitulate to the notion of “fairness” to the Jewish fascist colonisers?


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