Representative Ilhan Omar


17/02/2019 by socialistfight

By Dov Winter

The level of hypocrisy in regard to the support of Zionism by the Democrats and the Republicans is reaching a new height. Representative Ilhan Omar told the simple truth on Twitter that American support for Israel is fueled by money from a pro-Israel lobbying group that has Jewish backing.

The response for these remarks is hysteria by the Republicans and the Democrats, who accuse Omar for promoting Anti-Semitism with these remarks. Once again the capitalist media cynically confuses anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism. It is ABC that every capitalist politician in the US is bought by money.

But Zionist money is holy in the US. Any criticism that the Zionists buy American politicians is now “anti-Semitic”. This is, of course, laughable. Every capitalist politician is just a commodity who is bought by his/her capitalist masters. But when it comes to Zionism it supposed to be different. You cannot criticize holy money.

The US gives Israel billions of Dollars every year to crush any Arab resistance to US imperialism, and in particular to crush any Palestinian resistance in the occupied territories, which Trump wants to be formally part of Israel. So, when Israel massacres Palestinians in Gaza, for example, the massacre is backed by the US.

The American capitalist press is just a little shy from suggesting that strong criticism of Zionism could become a crime. The Republicans leaders demanded that Omar be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. What next? Remove her from Congress all together?

The truth is quite simple. Marxism can easily explain the extraordinary connection between the US and Zionism. Israel is American imperialism’s boots in the Middle East. American imperialism needs the Arab masses, and the Palestinians in particular, to remain oppressed, because any massive Palestinian intifada could trigger a massive anti-imperialist struggle in the Middle East. Syria could explode further, and the pro-imperialists rulers in the Middle-East could be deposed; which means a total instability in one of the key areas for US imperialism in semi-colonies. This is what American imperialism wants to avoid. And Israel is willing to throw a lot of money at the Democrats and Republicans in Congress to make sure that Israel connection with the important politicians of the Republicans and the Democrats remain strong.

One thought on “Representative Ilhan Omar

  1. Zionism and imperialism are the enemies of humanity


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