Why the Unfolding Mass Radicalisation and Possible Revolutionary Upheavals within Britain are Key to Europe and the World in Salvaging Humanity from Barbarism!

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24/06/2018 by socialistfight


Interesting stuff with good revolutionary class analysis.

Anthony Brain apply Trotskyism for today and tommrow!

For the first time in centuries the process of radicalisation within Britain is key to Europe.  Britain was central to Europe and the World from the 17th and 19th century by rich merchants and bankers overthrowing landlords which stood in their way of profitable investments.  This led to Britain pioneering the Industrial revolution and dominating most of the world markets.   Karl Marx thought the first revolution which would overthrew the owners of industry and bankers would be in Britain.   During the 1848 revolutions within Europe the only countries only affected slightly was Britain and Tsarist Russia.

Trotsky argued only a combined revolution which overthrew the landlords who were tied up with the bankers who charged excessive interest on money they leant to peasants.  This combined revolution meant not just overthrowing the pre-capitalist landlords but also the owners of banks and industries..  Trotsky explained the only class that could lead such a revolution was the Russian working class.  Due to the banks not being able to solve the land crisis…

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