Defend Jeremy Corbyn against latest ‘anti-Semitism’ fraud!


25/03/2018 by Ian

Luciana Berger’s allegation that Corbyn defended an ‘anti-semitic’ mural in 2012 is a poisonous smear. Unfortunately he has already shown signs of retreating before it. There is nothing that attacks Jews as Jews in this mural. The caricatured are old white men, not Jews. See this 2012 YouTube video explaining the background to it.

The painter mentioned both the Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers as the archetypes he was working from. Ie. a mixture of Jewish and non-Jewish bankers, living off the enslavement and death of the working class.

Actually, though the majority of such people in the real world are not Jewish, a large minority of the super rich, some sources say 40% or more, including bankers and media moguls, are Jewish. Whereas the Jewish population of the USA is only 2% of the total; in the UK only 0.5%.

There are sound historical materialist reasons for this. Though this does not have any real significance in itself – why should I care whether my boss is Jewish or not? – it matters very much when you factor in the politics of the Middle East.

Because wealthy Jews are gifted a share of power over the state of Israel by virtue of its ‘Law of Return’. And most Jewish bourgeois are Zionists by virtue of the fact that Zionism is the dominant bourgeois ideology among Jews.

One consequence of this is that Zionism, which demands and protects a Jewish state against the wishes, rights and existence of the Palestinian Arabs, has influence in the Western establishment far beyond the proportion of Jews in the population, or Western imperialism’s objective interest is a ‘normal’ relationship with the Jewish state.

Since the Palestine struggle is an anti-racist struggle of world-wide importance, and Zionist influence in the West is leading to an accelerating series of attacks on the democratic rights of defenders of Palestinians, then arguably this issue, of the disproportionate representation of Jews among powerful economic circles in the West, should be getting more, not less, attention from the left.

There is nothing anti-Semitic about exposing this. It is simply focusing on a key factor restricting political activity around a strategic anti-racist struggle of today. A battle around which the entire Blairite, pro-Israel wing of Labour are on the other side, and should be regarded as racist enemies whose organisations (JLM, LFI, Progress) need to be proscribed.

It certainly has strategic knock-on implications for other areas. Those who support this kind of racism are up to their necks in trying to bring down Jeremy Corbyn, in part because of his record of supporting Palestinian rights, and also because of their general support for neoliberalism and attacks on the working class. They need to be defeated, and driven out, of the Labour Party.

One thought on “Defend Jeremy Corbyn against latest ‘anti-Semitism’ fraud!

  1. Viriato says:

    Yesterday, here in France, Melenchon the leader of France Insoumise, presented as the main figure of the “extreme-left” (?) by the mainstream press has been ousted from a mourning march called to make an homage and protest against the murder of a jewish woman of 85 years old. This horrible crime has been has been qualified as “antisemitic” by the police.

    There has been some uproar because, if we follow the press, another crime of the same nature had been commited recently.
    The circumtances of the crime made by a next-door neighbour “who visited frequently the lady and has been condamned before for indecent behavior inside the old lady’s flat against a 15 years old girl, accompanied by an acomplice of 21, he also a young criminal, as recolled by one of them, was accompanied by a cry “Allah Akbar” which the accused denied. The lady was stabbed 17 times and afterwards, burned to occult the crime.
    The police state that the crimes of “antisemitic” origin (they put asdide the mounting crimes againsts the arabs…who are also semits…) is decreasing, in general, in France. Taken from today’s edition of Le Monde.

    The CRIF (Representative Council of the Israelites of France) taked the matter in hand and warned Melenchon (FI) and Marine Le Pen ( FN National Front) not to go to the mourning march, the one, MLP, because she was of the far right and openly antisemitic ans the other because he was an “islamo-gauchiste”. (ismalic far leftist)..which he is not, of course.

    There is a constant and well directed campaign, going from the ex Primr Minister Valls and through the press and even that can be found in “extreme left” groups, to amalgame antisionism and antisemitism. Any defense of the Palestinan people is dubbed “antisemitism” if it denounce, as it can hardly avoid it, the Sionist entity’s criminal policy in Palestine.

    Melenchon has made a very mild statement saying that it was the fact of some “40 people” but he has not, to the moment, highlight or critizes the awful consequences that will came from such escalation of sionism that do not permit any criticism against it’s criminal policy in Palestina. France where there is a real traditional antisemitic tradition, where Le Bon and Gobineau were the inspirators of Mein Kampf, with a large arab working classe population, with a press that is using the incident to attack Melenchon, could make things goes quite far. The influence of the CRIF among politiciens and the press jump out at you. Some jewish associations as “Mouverment Juif pour la Paix”, which condemn the opresion and slaughtering of the arab population in Palestine, are warning of the consequencies of such an outright semi fascistic policy for the jews themselves.

    To put to the fore such debate will open many eyes on the question, people are todat asking why Melenchon, a figure that is placed to the left of the political specter, has whatsoever to do with “antisemitism”. This can backfire with dire consequences, and became a real antisemitic massiv movement in a country with a long antisemitic tradition. More even, when we take in account that there is not any real influence of a rational point of view on the matter, not to speak of a communist movement capable of puting things strait..


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