Against the right-wing witch-hunt targeting Socialist Fight

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01/02/2018 by socialistfight


Communist Revolutionary Action (Greece) unequivocally condemns the right-wing witch-hunt against our comrades of the Socialist Fight.

Suggesting that Socialist Fight has anything to do with anti-Semitism is nothing but a preposterous slander that has its basis to a capitulation to the Zionist agenda, a cornerstone of which is the effort to equate Anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism in order to whitewash the policies of Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and the continued crimes of the Zionist state against the Palestinian people. Alas, it seems that even people who consider themselves leftists capitulate to this agenda.

If condemning the crimes of the Zionist state is somehow anti-Semitic, then the self-styled modern Inquisitors should also condemn Jewish anti-Zionists such as Norman Finkelstein –who considers his stance against Zionism as a duty towards his parents who found themselves in the Warsaw Ghetto and Auschwitz– as anti-Semites.

The principled anti-imperialist, internationalist, anti-racist – and at the same time deeply and truly humanitarian – positions of the Socialist Fight speak louder than baseless slanders such as these.

Communist Revolutionary Action


Viriato Lusitania, in Lyon, France, says:

All too often the prohibition of the free expression of socialist thought has been made under numerous and almost always abusive pretexts.

Today, we are still facing the same phenomenon. The support for the struggle of the Palestinian people and the denunciation of the oppressive and racist nature of Zionism both in Israel and internationally is the pretext for gagging comrades under the false accusation of “ anti-Semitism “.

I’ve known Comrade Downing for years since I read his blog and he never wrote or supported racist or anti-Semite ideas.

On the contrary, it is at the forefront of the fight against Zionist racism and in defence of the Palestinians massacred in their legitimate country, Palestine, like other struggles for the cause and interests of the proletarians of the whole world that we are.

As for Comrade Donovan, I know him less, but having read all his articles on these issues and having analysed them carefully, given the nature of the accusations made against him, I could not find any trace of anti-Semitism in it, but rather a necessary work of analysis and clarification in the fight against Zionism and world capitalism.

So stop the slander of these comrades and revoke the shameful and slanderous resolution that puts them out of an important fight for the British working class and of all countries.

Wherever freedom of expression is violated, the bigot reaction, imperialism and Zionism rejoice.


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