Gabriel Mackle is interned for his Republican beliefs

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12/12/2017 by socialistfight



On November 9th Gabriel Mackle was arrested in his home by the RUC/PSNI leaving his wife and two small children traumatised. On an order from the British Secretary of State Gabriel’s license was revoked and he was taken straight back to Maghaberry goal, from which he had been released in August after serving over three years. As with Tony Taylor and Neill Hagerty this is effectively internment without charge or trial and is based solely on their Republican political beliefs of opposing sell out to British imperialism.

Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach

Statement by Republican Sinn Féin

9ú Samhain/November 2017

Gabriel Mackle, who was released from Maghaberry prison in August, was tonight (November 9) arrested at his Armagh home by the RUC/PSNI. They were acting on an order from the British Secretary of State for the Six Counties revoking Gabriel’s licence. This is effectively internment and is based solely on Gabriel Mackle’s political beliefs. He is at present being held in Banbridge RUC/PSNI barracks and will be brought to Maghaberry prison in the morning.

Gabriel Mackle is being interned for no other reason than his adherence to his Republican beliefs. The British Government are once more using internment to silence opposition to their continued occupation and partition of Ireland.

Republican Sinn Féin calls for the immediate release of political internee Gabriel Mackle.


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