2. The abuse of power in MFJ & RIL

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23/11/2017 by socialistfight

And I was once a member of this group (1997-1992), it had not degenerated to this cult status then but it was getting there, which was why I left along with SM, ND and the ITO/Trotskyist League in the USA.

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During my ‘political development’ since the RIL programme ‘for leaders’ I have also heard and seen disturbing things about how the organisation operates and treats its migrant and young members, as the masks started to slip and the RIL believed they ‘had me’ and I was like them. What they failed to realise that I was dependant on support due to my abuse, isolation, poverty and mental health recovery from an abusive family and assault. This also meant indoctrination didnt work fully on me as I couldn’t focus on compulsory Trotsky readings in complex language, and anyway the correct readings of the studies were always translated to you by the study group leader for ‘correct understanding’.

The RIL has revealed to me they take orders from another top members in USA ‘sister organisation’ RWL and their fromt BAMN (google them if you dare, it is severely disturbing) for most of…

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